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    • The reason is quite simple. Some time ago we introduced ViewFocus e.g. if a user wants to make the necessary settings himself (not using the checklist and copilot function as an automatic settings function) he has to look at those necessary items. If the plane is moving we implemented those "breaks" between the various checks so that he is still able to steer the plane in the right direction. 
    • hello with vatsim with vpilot what AI traffic do you put?
    • Thanks for the kind words Yoyo! Glad to hear that!     Yes, those are locations of weather stations and the like. They really hard to spot from a distance - just like in real Antarctica. You need to get really close to them and then find a suitable approach for a service visit without losing sight of them again. Of could all that following the procedures outlined in the manual. You won't want your skis to be frozen to the ground when trying to leave again!       I don't know more than you do I'm afraid. But you can however increase the terrain loading distance by using the "Graphics" -> "Terrain Level of Detail" setting. Sadly Asobo used the same grid for MSFS as was previously used for FSX. Which "squeezes" the grid in longitude direction the further you get south causing MSFS to believe that a higher resolution terrain level is farther away than it actually is. Causing the late loading times for default scenery if you don't have a high "Graphics" -> "Terrain Level of Detail" setting (personally I have maxed it out at 200 with a rather ancient system - just play around and see what works for you).   Bests, Sascha
    • Hi,   is the problem still present? If so, please create a ticket here with your log file attached to it. You can find the Aerosoft One log file via: Settings > Contact Support > Show Log File
    • What a nice package! Though it "only" adds skiways etc. both would be a perfect addition to each other giving more options to fly to/from. I just dropped the developer a message and asked him if he would change the ICAO codes to match these of Antarctica Vol. 1. In return I think it would be best if I use his ICAO codes in the next Volume.   This still leaves a chance of the wrong runway showing up (e.g. if the Antarctica freeware entry is above Antarctica Vol. 1 in the addon.xml entries) but it should at least minimize compatibility problems.  
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