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    • Hello Gerald, There is two curious peoples then. I asking to read those topic reason that there are many Aerosoft customers who are  disapointed Yours (Aerosoft) way to handlening people who ask help. You don't answered to my question but asked my attitude. I always say thank you if You or some body else help me as a customer with my problems but if I get a arrogant answeres to my question then I'm not be so thankfully. I still recomenned to read what I asking my first post. There You can see about what I mean.
    • Hello everyone. Does anyone know if finally the products of vrinsight cdu ii and combo fcu for airbus will be compatible with the fs2020 or did we finally invest unfairly? Thank you very much Lefteris
    • Dear @ametlib,   so I went to your profile and read every single post of yours, from all of which exactly 3 (maybe 4) had actualy something to do with reporting a "BUG". All other posts of yours were merely additions to threads without any specifics, or insults towards AS team of developers and testers.   So I'm just curios: are you going to keep the same attitude? I'm just curious.... ***************************   And now back to the topic: I'm not going to a 3rd party forum where we don't offer any support on to check for reports. You need suport, you come here and ask for it!   If you have ANY issues to report or Q to ask, please be so kind to open threads providing any information we need to assist YOU, as we do with ALL of our customers.     Thank you!  
    • Hast Du zufällig onboard Sound von Realtek? Die Treiber machen wohl öfter mal Probleme. Schau mal im Taskmanager unter Prozesse nach "FMAPP Application". Falls zutreffend, den Prozess einmal beenden (Taste "Entf") und dann die In-Game Performance prüfen.   Ansonsten könntest Du im Taskmanager unter Leistung schauen, wie stark die Systemauslastung bei Mausbewegung ansteigt. Noch einmal der Vorschlag aus meinem ersten Post, in den Windows Safe Mode zu booten, weil damit nur die allernötigsten Treiber geladen werden. Falls möglich, dort ein betroffenes Spiel starten oder zumindest im Taskmanager schauen, ob sich die Systemauslastung bei Mausbewegung im Vergleich zu oben verringert hat.
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