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    • Lade gerade X-Afrika herunter, bin sehr gespannt!   Ich fliege viel in Nordafrika und der der Sahara, bin gerade in der zentralafrikanischen Sahara gestrandet, Manu Dayak im Niger (darf man das noch sagen??).  Gebe später Bescheid was mein Eindruck ist, denn Autogentechnisch war dort bisher extrem wenig los.
    • dann braucht man das Programm x-organizer gar  nicht?
    • Hi,   State: Cold and Dark Tunring the Ext. Power on, in the ECAM "HYD ELEC PUMP" is shown/not shown/shown/not shown, a kind of jumping from on/off/on/off followed by a strange Elec Sound on/off/on/off/on/off. Turning Ext. Power B on/off/on, solved the issue.   Does anybody else recognize this?   BR
    • Okay so after a second reinstall and redirecting the scenery to a different directory it worked. However, dynamic lighting is still not working very well. I was wondering if shader programs such as envshade are prone to messing things up as I’m using that at the minute.   
    • I recongized today a strange effect with the A330 latest version in P3D v4 and the Thrustmaster Sidestick.   XY Axis: If I pull the stick in any direction, the animated stick in the bus has some "microjumps" (also in the PFD reconizable) back to position 0 which makes it a bit difficult to fly the Bus. Was taking off in LSZH 34 and I need to fully pull my TM stick back (repeatedlyrepetly) that I am able to take off.   Really strange cause in the small bus this dont happend.   Has anybody else see this in the 330? I am currently on my way to Dubai so I can test it again in 4 hours  
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