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    • Hello,   I've had PFPX v1.23 installed for a while and haven't used it for some months.  I'm now trying to update it to v2.03 but it remains showing v1.23 and that a new update is available.   Any suggestions please.   Many thanks, Guy
    • Aerosoft professional A320 SWISS HB-JLS View File Repaint of the Swiss A320-214 HB-JLS Submitter GernotZet Submitted 06.04.2020 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
    • Ja, ist eben noch im frühen Beta... Möglicherweise ist auch ein Addon/Plugin schuld ...   Gruß Heinz
    • Danke Heinz, habe leider auch Probleme mit Vulkan...
    • Hi, I'll try. 1. If I understood your question, press "Data" button on MCDU and you will see items to click in and watch your  position   2. What I would do is go in selected mode and put my speed in FMC. Or change Cost Index value in "Perf" page   3. You may try to create a flight plan putting the same departing and arrival airport. Load it in MCDU and then indicate SID/transition/STAR.  I don't know if could work! But i think so. Or you can load a secondary flight plan with the arrival airport the same of your departing. And then enable it when airborne, choose a waypoint to flight direct to (dir to in Mcdu) and then select Stars.   4. I haven't suggestions on this sorry   Let me know Bests    
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