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WingView X Enhancements For The Bus V.1.16.0


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CFM ;)

Why CFM?

1) Most of the A320 aircraft are CFM

2) The sound is just amazing of a CFM

3) Just becouse the most repaints I fly are CFM :) -> Brussels Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, ...

I would also like the IAE of course, but if there will be a release, CFM first ! :D

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Here is a test of another page in the Config Manager.

This is still W.I.P

But I felt I should share with you ladz



Notice the volume controls on each engine. This is implemented to allow the user to set the required volume for each engine depending on your favourite view in the passenger cabin.

I always like looking around so I set mine to equal value this way I get an all round sound. But just a demo of what is available to you as fans.

This has not been displayed as yet but there is also a feature where you can control the volume on each wingview on the Bus, Like back of the wing through to the front looking at the engine.

More to come soon.. Thanks Guys for your support.

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