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  1. I'm having an issue, I'm having no sound for 99% of my AES experience. I hear the double knock when arriving at a gate, but I hear nothing else at all. I'm also unable to figure out how to uninstall (no link to do so and it's not in the program list), to try a full reinstall. I tried deleting the folder and reinstalling 2.20D, but it hasn't changed anything. Can anyone explain how to uninstall properly or any other suggestions on how to get normal sounds back?
  2. Oliver, Your addon has changed my entire FS life. I don't fly anywhere AES isn't supported unless I have to (for a mission at my VA). I can't imagine FS without AES and I can't remember what it was like BEFORE AES. You have my heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work and I do hope you'll remember that there's far more of us who appreciate your work than there are those who don't! Thank you again Oliver!
  3. I config all of my aircraft to have the bottom of the indicator at the bottom edge of the door. But on the Airbus and 757s doing this causes the pallet loader to be rendered. I can place it below the door but it leaves a very large gap between the bottom of the cargo area and the top of the belt loader. It's a doable thing, of course, but in the real world they raise up much further than modeled in AES currently. Was hoping this could be an added feature down the road if Oliver ever finds himself with some free time and an inkling Happy Holidays everyone!
  4. Hello! I was wondering if it was at all possible to modify the height at which the belt-loaders cut out and are replaced with the pallet loaders? At US Airways we use the belt loaders on the 737's, 757's, and the A319/20/21's. However the heights of the 757s and A319/20/21's are too high and the pallet loaders are used instead. Can this be fixed/changed/modified at all? Perhaps an option to select in a future version? Thanks for the consideration! Howard Hall/KPHX
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