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  1. Apart from what has already been said about the company's strategy, I can assure you these screenshots look promising and way better in terms of acurracy than the other payware provider. Working on freeware myself, there are a few significant things which reflect the attention to detail of the developer. Well done, I must say! The level difference is significant if you take your bike from 25R and go to 25L, but over the length of the runway itself the height difference is not huge. Looking from the B pier uneven side (gates 20X) towards the beginning of 01, you will notice it going uphill too. The highest point must be at the radar towers next to the football club of nossegem. Standing there, you can see the flames from the distillation towers from port of antwerp. Look up the e-aip of skeyes (belgian ATC provider), a chart there shows the elevation of the thresholds.
  2. So... Are we going to get an update for the liveries to be able to finally fly them in V4? :)
  3. Indeed! While waiting for the aerosoft version you can take a look at belux scenery. They made a freeeware of BRU (EBBR_V1) with default library objects to get a better immersion than with the default airport. For example the connector building is on it and all gates are there and according to the latest aip. Take a look on facebook or on their wordpress website, certainly worth the try while waiting for this scenery.
  4. When you are not heavy the aircraft has enough thrust in idle to get you moving. Certainly the IAE variant has a lot of thrust in idle, so this is normal.
  5. Still no news about the Falcon liveries (Belgian Air Force, Netherlands Air Force, Hellenic Air Force, ... ... ...??)
  6. Yep, the problem is mainly that we cannot just use the liveries of the add-on as they have different .MDL names I noticed.
  7. So, if I understand well the project has been cancelled 2 times, is it restarted now for the 3rd time or are you looking for a new team to do it?
  8. So, no news yet about the liveries?
  9. Sad thing is this major airport in Europe is taking such a long time to be released. The old Brussels scenery is 10 years old and has horrible performance. Unfortunately it is the second time the developer ends project. A few people gave up (who were hoping for an x-plane version) and started making their own. I hope this project will not bring it that far for P3D / FSX users as well.
  10. But there is nothing known about the update yet?
  11. I totally understand that, but I mentioned it because those gates being closed (like 201 now for works at the old terminal - temporarily) will be open again. It should be too bad those gates will not be in the scenery at all just because they were closed for a limited time and will be useless in the future, you understand my point?
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