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  1. Great! Now the Magritte (which is already available on AVSIM) and the Trident (which is not)
  2. Very nice! Is it possible for you to edit the reg's of the plane? I would like OO-TCT and OO-TCH .
  3. Version 1.0


    The new Airbus A321 of the Belgian Air Force, CS-TRJ. Have fun flying this bird!
  4. Version 1.3


    My first repaint for the bus. Original repaint by Holgi, I used some other repaints of Thomas Cook by Holgi. I've put them together and I used an X-plane A320 texture and cut it out. Pasted it on this texture and done! Not really beautiful, you can see some window errors if you zoom in, but normally it is fine! Cockpit registration is made with use of real pictures. IRL the plane doesn't have BRK fans. Check out Holgi's fantastic repaints @ simtexture.de ! Have fun with this repaint!
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