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  1. By Jove! That has made me very interested now...
  2. On the same subject, is there any mileage in exploring New Zealand and Australian hubs. For me these are important long haul destinations for flights from Western USA and the far East, plus good short hauls between the two nations. The choice of airport scenery is limited to non existent at the moment. I guess if there isn't much demand I understand why they are not considered. Thanks Andrew
  3. Hi Heinz Excellent and very useful work. Many thanks. Andrew
  4. Cancel this. I have now managed to get it working. Thanks anyway.
  5. Hi I have been using AES sucessfully for a while now but I cannot get it to recognise my installation of UK2000 Stansted xtreme V3. It is currently actibe in my scenery library but I get the message that it isn't installed or not active when I click on it in AESHelp. Can you advise please? Thanks Andrew
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