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  1. no, wait. Now another great error appears: "Luftfahrzeug -Initialisierungsfehler African Safari Charter - 5Y-ASC" I tried to reinstall it 3 times. now i get duplicate aircraft entries when i start FSX and the error mentioned above. Guys, this really sucks
  2. ..during install i got those error message i remember:
  3. Hi, no it does not exist..... I really wonder whats goning on....
  4. I get the following error when doing it like described:
  5. nothing to add, for me "it's all about communication.... but it's nothing without it"
  6. aaaahhhhhhhhhh yeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :-) Good news Thomas. What caused the problem ? Thanks ina dvance, Carsten
  7. hmmm. Ok Thomas. If you have any hint what securtity settings to test to turn off i can try it Cherrs, Carsten
  8. Hello !? Is there anybody out there ???? ...silence... Helllooooooo !???????
  9. Same for me. Nothing news out there. If there is no news i want my money back....
  10. You're welcome. I really hope this too. And i hope it's in time :-)
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