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  1. I'm in P3D v3 and got the same results...
  2. Am I the only one who still has some flat mesh on Ponta de São Lourenço after applying the fixes?
  3. It isn't available in Aerosoft's shop either... let's hope we can have it today.
  4. Thanks for the 1.04 update. My only problem are the 3D lights around the island which doesn't seem to exist. I only have them near the airport. I'm in P3D v3.4 with recommended settings and I even disabled all other sceneries but no luck...
  5. Don't get me wrong. I'm buying this product when it comes out. I'm really looking forward to a proper A330. I was just expressing my own opinion about the 200 series.
  6. But isn't Aerosoft planning on making a medium-priced A330 only simulating the daily job of a captain? I guess calling it "as real as it gets" is misleading here.
  7. Personally I wouldn't mind at all having a different visual model with the same engine performance and, if Aerosoft decided to continue the -200 development, the visual model would be done already.
  8. I just wished Aerosoft had adopted the same logic for the A330 like they did for the A32F. In the A32F series they provided us with different models and engine types. I would love to see that happen to the A330 (A330-200, -300 and its engine variants). Just my opinion though...
  9. It's funny how this was uploaded on 2012 when TAP didn't have any A320's with Sharklets, and now TAP is fitting sharklets and guess what was the first A320 to have them... that's right, CS-TMW. Good job Holgi
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Repaint of Everjets' A320 IAE OY-RUP by me. Livery Manager compatible. November, 2015
  11. A330-200 TAP Portugal!!!!
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