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  1. I am normally used to everyone ignoring my questions here , but can someone answer just this one ? Thanks in advance !
  2. I have a question to Aerosoft. As far as I can see, all your jet and commercial aircrafts, i.e. the Airbus (the whole A320 family), the CRJ and a few smaller aircrafts have their landing gear wheels GREY. So my questions are: 1) Is that a tradition for Aerosoft or you just cant be bothered to paint them (White) or make them Dirty ? 2) Please tell me the A330 will have slightly different type than A320 and wont be Grey ? I know this is not important but as I have a keen eye for details i just could help myself but to write about it. Thank you very much for your answer ! Kind Regards
  3. I tought Aerosoft is already fully licensed to produce simulation model of the Airbus A320 and A330 family ? P.S. Sorry for the off-topic i am just really confused with all this licensing stuff... Cant wait for the A330 !
  4. Hi, Would it be too confidential for Aerosoft, to share with me which 3D Software you use to design all your aircrafts, Stefan ? The reason im asking for that as I currently work with numerous 3D softwares, such as 3DS Max, Solidworks, CATIA V5, Maya, Fusion 360, AutoCad and PowerMill (which is more of a CAM) and I am quite curious if you use one of the above mentioned ones. Whether you are able to asnwer or not, Thanks a lot ! P.S. I apologise for the little off-topic.
  5. You can't know that for sure as it's really up to the pilot. Some may prefer to look through the window more often just because, lets say, they love the view.. This would be something useful.
  6. Well that would be great ! Thanks a lot !
  7. What does Easyjet (Multiple) mean ? I requested this one if possible : http://www.airliners.net/photo/EasyJet-Airline/Airbus-A319-111/2377987/&sid=128758c14c44be4bdb1a99666f4a1932
  8. Hey Holgi ! I would like to request this one: easyJet G-EJAR
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