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Christmas Quiz, December 16th

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Aerosoft Annual Christmas Quiz

Yes, it is that time of year again. And yes you are getting that old. Time for our annual Christmas Quiz. Now last year we did often complex questions and we think Google got most of the answers right. So this year we’ll exclude any Googling and will simply ask you very simple questions like, what aircraft is this, what airline is this etc. If you think of a funny caption for the image you can also post that and when you make us laugh real loud you also get a free download.

Rules are simple, just as we are. The first to get the answer right wins a free download. To avoid one time zone to be always the first to answer we have a new system where the post is made visible at a random moment. The post will stay open for at least 24 hours. If in this period the correct answer has not been given it will stay open indefinitely.

Please note that if you won one of these contest you are out for the rest of the year. Please do not post to show your incredible skill (and that you are a total aircraft nerd). If you want to proof you are better then everybody else do a private message.

Please note that we have tried very hard to find the copyright holders for all these images but in some occasions that was just not possible.


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EDIT: I found a better one (even though it's not exactly related to this case)

"How the Occidental countries discovered the incredible STOL performances of USSR planes.

Here's the transcription of a top secret recording of what happened once in a Soviet cockpit during an IFR approach to JFK:

Captain: "500 ft. Poor visibility, the runway seems to be short. Copilot, set flaps to 30 degrees."

Copilot: "Flaps set to 30 degrees."

Captain: "300 ft. Poor visibility, the runway seems to be very short. Copilot, set flaps to 45 degrees!"

Copilot: "Flaps set to 45."

Captain: "100 ft. Extremely short runway !!! Set flaps and speedbrakes to emergency position - 90 degrees !!!

Copilot: "Flaps and speedbrakes set to 90, ready to land."

The aircraft lands, the pilots immediately slam on the brakes...

Captain: (sweating and sighing) "Ohh gosh, how short these Western runways are..."

Copilot: "Yes... (looking out the window)... But how wide !"

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