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  1. Thanks Wingman. I didn't realise that they were your work! Great stuff, thanks for all the work you put into them!
  2. Thanks for the reply Wingman. You don't mention the F3. Is there a reason for this? If these aircraft are indeed P3D v4.x compatible when can we expect a P3D v4.x installer with the patch included?
  3. Is there a reason why this fix hasn't become part of the product yet? I run P3D v4.3 and would love to get my Lightnings running again. If it doesn't work then is there a road map to get the Lightnings up to P3D v4.x? I have the F3, F5 and the F6 products and therefore invested about 75 Euros in all. All of them are listed as P3D v3 compatible and I think P3D v4.x users really deserve to know if these aircraft will be upgraded or if they are to be left behind.
  4. Is this fix in the latest full download versions of the Lightning? Or must I download the aircraft and then apply this?
  5. You never know... It could be a 'Fire and forget' aircraft carrier. Fire up the engines and forget about the aircraft carrier!
  6. Roughly how many words would you expect for a review?
  7. Yes it is. And it is in the paint job of the real Seabee Roger Moore used as James Bond in the Man with the Golden Gun. Sadly Phi Phi Island (where it was filmed) default scenery is not that good in FSX even with GEX Tropics installed - yes I went to the trouble to fly there! Could this be an idea for for a new Areosoft Product?
  8. Bond causally taxied up to Scaramanga's tropical hide-out. Soon he will introduce himself to the man with the golden gun; "My name is Bond, James Bond." Here is the real thing.....
  9. That's one Air Japan pilot fired, and one air frame that is not going to fly again!
  10. I have just purchases Andras Field and set up Teamspeak 3. All working fine, as was the connection to Gamespy. So far so good. Logged into both and found myself alone......... When is the best time to visit (I am on UK time)?
  11. I was a beta tester for MS Flight. I have to confess not a very good one as I quickly became bored with it and stopped using it. By quickly, I mean within a day or two. It is very pretty to look at and very smooth running but the whole thing appears to have no depth to it. As many have said here before it is most definitely a game, with a very short learning curve. Great if you want to get some instant gratification and look at the nice scenery, but if it is some serious flying that you want, then it is not for you. Frame rates are great, even on a mediocre PC, but there seems to be very little to do except circuits in the limited space available. We may see new scenery areas for sale as add-ons in the future, but what if you want to fly long haul? will you have to spend a small fortune buying your departure point, you landing point and everything in between? will you even be able to fly between two points that are in scenery sets that are unconnected? Too many questions and no answers, but on the face of it Flight seems restrictive, (perhaps in its ability to support third party additions as well as its airspace), and frankly dull. Personally I think MS would have been better rebuilding FSX to take full advantage of modern chips and graphics cards spread the load and improve on what they have already got. It worries me that Flight will not be as popular as the FS series for the reasons already posted here and will be canned as a result, with nothing to replace it. FSX looks like it will have to satisfy those who take this hobby seriously for some years to come. In my opinion MS have made several error of judgement with Flight, and we may all pay the price of their attempt to make more money out of their product.
  12. I too would love a plot at Andras field. Is it possible to be messaged when some are available?
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