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  1. Thank you for your replies, but actually I am happy with my FPS (on the "good" side of the line). The weird thing is that it drops by about 30-40% at exactly the same position repeatedly. As you can see in my videos, the position seems to be independent from what airport scenery is installed - it always happens along the same line...
  2. Ok, update: I tested with and without MA Heathrow installed: basically the same results: Of course this shows that there is nothing wrong with MA Heathrow thus you could theoretically close this thread now - if you have some advice for me anyway, I would be very grateful.
  3. Thanks Oliver, yes - I am aware that this is a very FPS intensive scenery and viewing direction. I am however happy with my overall framerate of ~25FPS. My problem is the sudden framedrop when crossing this "magic line".
  4. Hi, I am having a weird issue with MA Heathrow: When taxiing onto the runway my framerate drops from about 25-30 FPS to 15-20. This seems to happen at a certain "line" in the scenery. When crossing it my framerate drops (or goes back to normal) dependant on what side I am. Here is a video to see for yourself: https://youtu.be/btHYUXLk9dU Any idea what could cause this (I am using P3D V4.4)? To be fair; I have very similar issues in other sceneries like in LH Simulations Budapest - so maybe this is a problem with my sim?
  5. Hi guys, unfortunately I have bought the CRJ from Flightsimstore bach in the days when they were still active... No I fear though that I will not be able to ever get SP1 from their website. Is there a way to download SP1 for FSS users? Thanks David
  6. Ah, ja, der nvidia-Inspector... Schau mal hier http://forum.avsim.net/topic/324786-nvidia-configuration-guide-inspector-2xxxx-drivers-version-20-explanations-of-all-settings/, vielleicht hilft dir diese Einstellungen wie sie mir half. Viel Glück David
  7. I fully agree with you!
  8. Ach danke, eigentlich wollte ich nur helfen...
  9. Zu empfehlen ist ein übertaktbarer Prozessor (z.B. i5 2500K) und eine Grafikkarte von nvidia (z.B. GTX 560 ti, ...) Sehr wichtig beim FSX ist übertakten. Vielleicht kann dein Bekannter das auch?
  10. Mein Computer ist deinem sehr ähnlich, ich habe aber eine GTX 570. Ich habe ein ähnliches Problem mit den Frames in EDDF, ich persönlich vermute aber, dass das einfach am Alter der Szenerie liegt. Hoffentlich kommt die neue Version mit FPS-Freundlicheren Modellierungen bald...
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