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To round of our December quizzes, here is the final one. This time we got three prizes,

3 free downloads for first place, 2 for second, 1 for third place. Even if you do not know all answers we advise you to send in what you got, many times in the past we seen that nobody found all answers!

Send your answers to support@aerosoft.com, do not post them here.

  1. What's the world's fastest turbo prop aircraft?
  2. True airspeed 200 knots, track 360 degrees, strong westerly winds. Pilot wants to reduce IAS and stay on the same track.
    Should he increase or decrease his crab angle? And that would mean an increase or decrease of the headwind component?
  3. How many sonic booms does a supersonic aircraft (even the Shuttle) create?
  4. Where does the north pole side of a magnetic compass points to?
  5. Where does the word METAR come from?
  6. What is (was) the loudest aircraft on take-off?
  7. Variable props, when and how were they first used?
  8. A half roll directly followed by a half loop makes a…?
  9. Dance floor, smoking room, dining hall, what aircraft had all that?
  10. What aircraft had its maiden flight on December 32th, 1980?

Closing Date: Noon December 31st 2009 GMT.

Competition now closed

Entries received after this time will not be counted.

Answers below, results published in the next two days as there's lot to get through.

1. (473.65 knots, Tupolev U-114)

2. (increase increase)

3. (2, nose and tail)

4. (nowhere, it is aligned with local magnetic flux)

5. (Message Meteorologique Reguliere pour l'aviation)

6. (136 dB, XB-70 Valkyrie)

7. (airships, 1910)

8. (reverse Immelman)

9. (Dornier X 1929)

10.(LearFan 2100, one day late, but the British officials just acknowledged the date)

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