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  1. Agree... One example is in Copenhagen (EKCH)
  2. Would you mind sharing the file mate? Or profile I believe it's called for EZCA
  3. Nice paint! And finally a danish paint, lol! Real OY-TXM inf: http://www.pilots.dk...ort.asp?id=1695 or http://www.oy-reg.dk/register/5555.html and real photo of it:
  4. The beautiful BN-2 Islander returning back to Stark's Twin Oaks(7S3) due to weather conditions. Outside view of this beauty: And then the PAX view, they seemed pretty scared(This image is not for the competition)
  5. I fully agree, this would be lovely to see!
  6. Got some video and then a joke! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv29p_w--4w
  7. Virgin 747-400 on arrival to Heathrow after a long flight from Hong Kong
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