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  1. Thanks for your understanding. My problem is related to, Updating EDDF P3Dv4.5 Pro v1.2.0 as I did exactly as Oliver told but it did not have the desired result for me. Yes EDDF is above GES. I don't know what ''properly registered'' means, as it is not described in the manual. I do have the Use GES seasons enabled. Thanks for the very swift reply by the way! Moderator Edit: I changed the font size on your problem statement, as using a huge font as you did is considered shouting. Instead, if you want to emphasize something, use underline as I did for you.
  2. I only have a satellite image showing, no buildings or anything. Is this a known issue? P3D 4.5HF3 with SODE and ORBX Vector/OpenLC/GES. Erik
  3. The Feelthere E-jet series are notorious for doing this. Remember that after repairing and saving the config settings, you have to exit flightsim and reload again. Does it still happen then?
  4. Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field) KLGB By Shehryar Ansari, available on AvSim. (lgb2010.zip) Released today, absolutely brilliant. Would love to have it AES'ed! Rgds, Erik
  5. Hi Oliver, Indeed it works! Thank you very much. When taxiing on the grass, the effect is also gone. But that doesn't matter, as I am now able to use this scenery finally!
  6. This is the service why I have spent hunderds of Euro's at Aerosoft already. Will test it right now, will report if it does(n't) work.
  7. No the AFCAD seems to be correct on that point. PM sent with mail & MSN!
  8. I understand the confusion. You can't give me a hint how to fix this myself?
  9. Oliver, I think that is a fix for a completely different problem for FSX, not FS2004?! When taxiing over the taxiways along runway 06/24 in FS2004, your aircraft is bouncing along and brown mud is showing at the wheels.
  10. I'd like to know the answer on Rob's question too, Aerosoft. I think the airport is looking quite good now. No stutters and texture issues here, with an almost clean FS9.1 install on an OCéd E8400 (3,8Ghz) with 4 gig's of RAM and Win7 32bit. My only issue is the fact that the taxiways along runway 06/24 are seem to be made of dirt. This was announced, but not solved in the update. It is crucial! Is there anyone here able to tell me how I can fix this problem temporarily, while waiting for Cornel? I and Jeroen Eekhof are right now working on a package with improved AFCAD's for the FS9
  11. Rainer, I spot a Wilco E-jet CityLine paint! I have been looking for this one for ages! Where did you get it?
  12. At least he is trying to answer a question I primarily asked in another thread, in a polite and willing way. I don't see you doing that in the future, and if you don't like it the way he does it, why do you read this, and even more, reply to this? Asking questions is okay, critisizing even, but you are rude, harsh, and impolite and do not show the slightest willing of making a comparison yourself. Because you don't need/want to. That's fine, but why are you then reading and commenting in this thread. Don't you have something more useful to do? Rgds,
  13. Well, that's my birthday, so that is absolutely great! I'm very much into the Airbus way of flying for my study nowadays, and I must say, I appreciate it more than I expected I would. I have always sympathized with Boeing, for I have better experience with them with my work. Next to that, with this new addon available, I might do a final change to FSX and leave FS9 behind. Is anyone able to estimate: can I use FSX with this sort of airplane at at least the image quality of FS9 with all sliders fully right? So I don't need 4096px wide textures, 1024 is enough as FS9 has given me just
  14. Hi, Yes, you need the Vile-file. AND the exclude-file. It took me more than an hour to locate the problem which caused the aircraft to disappear, but it is fixed in my AFCAD and should work. Good luck! Rgds, Erik EDIT: And of course you should open/close runways according to the weather circumstances of tonight, which is easy with LS's AFCAD2.
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