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  1. Hmm.. I have online.. 1 PC 2 Laptops 1 PSP 1 iPhone... Thats all offline.. PS2 DS 1Laptop with TV in used only as a TV.. Thats all
  2. Ok.. But what about other people who do not want to fly online but still want to see other traffic? For example.. I am not flying online but I do see real traffic as I have downloaded over 400 AI airlines. Landing in Heathrow (offline) and still see British Airways fleet, the A380s of Emirates and Singapore, the B777 of Qatar and many many many others... The only problem is the AI system which is not so sofisticated.
  3. Oh.. Ok then.. Will you also add the new promotional "Acropolis" paint of Aegean? (BtW I saw the promotional paint on the airport in Athens and I thought that there was something wrong with the plane! I saw it landing from far away and on the fusalase behind the wing was a picture of a "Cariatis" but before I realised that it was a paint job I thought there was a hole!! LOL ) e.x.
  4. Don't get me wrong.... I like the repaints and I am just mentioning the corrections needed SX-DVP and SX-DVK noses look ok to me though... They were white for a time cz the painjob wasn't finished on some airplanes since Aegean got them from other companies.. Cheers Dot!
  5. Yo!!Guara Mohana!!! Any Olympic Air yet????
  6. The logo at the tail and on the engines are a little bit darker blue. It must match with the "AEGEAN" color. Also the grey color on the belly goes around the aircraft, doesn't cut on the nose! Oh and the "AEGEAN" font needs correction! e.x.
  7. Yeap! These were the sites I was refering to! In which they do not mencion what Snave said!
  8. Holiday Airports?? Where is my home island Kos????
  9. Thanks Snave! That did help! I didn't know that detail, it wasn't mentioned in any of the "how to.." websites! CATIII b/c ?? That's Greek to me... (Wait a minute I am Greek!! LOL)
  10. Great Pics.. But I believe that will scare the kids!! They will probably think that the airplane exploded or something!! (Refering to the last pic with the B777) LOL
  11. I think that he was refering to Aerosoft's add ons... so that everyone with a problem wouldn't have to open topic with a phrase "PLZ SUPPORT HELP ME!!" The online profile with the add on could check if the files are ok, corrupted, installed ect. Because not all of us simmers are experts in computers!! My opinion also is that AFS2013 should also include a launcer that connects to the net and verifys when the sim is original and not pirated (Like Assassins Creed II)... Yes you have to be online to fly, but eather way most of us are cause we use realtime weather and we have broadband connec
  12. Haha! Thnx for the reply! So I am doing everything correct!! So why then on some airports the freaking ILS is not aligned with the runway????? And how can this be fixed?? Dot. P.S. BtW.. When I am on an ILS Landing the glideslope never works :S and still don't know what does the ADF do :S
  13. Yes this is an FS issue. Once you load an airport you have to let the traffic cool down about 20min. Although no one wants to wait 20 min you can accelerate the speed of the sim max x4 (Above x4 the traffic will not load or be active). If though you are flying long distances with a high simulator speed above x4 and you don't want to have a lot of traffic while landing it is better if you slow the speed to x4 on about 150 mile before the destination airport.
  14. Hello again, A have a question for ILS Landings. I have never had any aviation lessons so I hope someone can explain to me some things. I have learned from "how to" websites about the operation of the ILS. Let me see if I got it right. I am supposed to land at an airport with an ILS Runway. For example LGRP (Rhodes Diagoras International Airport). The ILS Runway is Rwy25. So while approaching I have to set the Course indicator on 248 degrees and the NAV1 on the ILS frequency 110.30. Right? So, after the ATC gives me the final directions with a 30 degree angle of the path I
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