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Gents, ladies, I like to wish you an official welcome to the new location of the SOAR forums. We will try to boost the forums a lot in the weeks to come. I also like to make 100% clear that we expect nothing in return from SOAR in any form. Just the fact that people see other forums from us is enough PR for us. We're glad to help out.

As you know our Discus glider is close to delivery and we'll make a special deal for all registered (and active) users of the forum. This should be available in the next few weeks. If there is anything else we can do for you people, let me know at support@aerosoft.com.

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Hello Mathijs, and Shaun,

Karen and I are very, very grateful that you are willing to include us with your Aerosoft Boards. I can not think of a more desirable organization on the planet to be associated with than you folks. The quality of workmanship on your products, and your ethics are without peers and you set the standards for virtual aviation in MSFS.

SOAR has been in existence sense 1999. Karen and I have been intimately involved with it from almost the beginning (2000) and for the first time we feel we have a permanent home.

Aerosoft has the whole of Germany beautifully rendered in photo realistic scenery along with many, airports. We have Cumulus X (thermals), and Sim Probe (ridge lift) for lift generaton. We have Aerosoft's FS Maps for flight tracking and navigation. Very soon we will have the perfect sailplane, Aerosoft's Discus Glider. Aerosoft is indeed the perfect home for SOAR!

We look forward to sharing our wonderful experiences in virtual soaring with your 45,000+ members and truly hope many of the members of the Aerosoft community will discover the joys we have enjoyed through the years.

Best Regards, :)

Don and Karen

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Hi all,

it's great to see that the old SOAR message board has arrived safely at it's new home...

May it be the start of a new era and bring new heights to the virtual soaring community...



ps - LOL whatever happened to my favourite icon ?


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Just goes to show how blind one can get... I'd never really heard of SOAR until now. And I am a gliding fan! Thanks Aerosoft for waking me up and great to see you Don and co.

A pity I am still in the middle of a move, but I will become more active here as well; as soon as I get my PC set up in the new home.

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Sorry for the late post to the message board, I was here a few days ago, but was unable (due to real-life stuff) to post. I'm glad to meet everyones acquaintance. THANKS for bringing us aboard also. I have to say I was a little reluctant about the move, but give me some time to let the move grow on me and I'm sure I'll be fine.

Thanks for the welcome!


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Congrat's to Don and Karen on finding a new home for SOAR. Thank you to Aerosoft for providing space for all of us here at SOAR. It is greatly appreciated. I'm sure this will bring new exposure to our favorite past time! I'm looking forward to checking out this new sailplane. When will it be available?



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