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  1. Hi Peter, We will give it a try. We will upgrade the SOAR site this weekend or very soon thereafter, and should have 35 gigs bandwidth. Karen was wondering if you could help monitor the bandwidth for the winch downloads as she has to try to stay off the computer for a while. Her wrist is giving her real problems and it is very painful for her to use the keyboard. Don
  2. Great news Peter! Finally we will have a realistic glider winch for FSX. Don
  3. The emoticons are coming! Cheers, Don
  4. Peter, Did you have an old account with Aerosoft and if so are those two post in 2006 you? Don
  5. Hello Mathijs, and Shaun, Karen and I are very, very grateful that you are willing to include us with your Aerosoft Boards. I can not think of a more desirable organization on the planet to be associated with than you folks. The quality of workmanship on your products, and your ethics are without peers and you set the standards for virtual aviation in MSFS. SOAR has been in existence sense 1999. Karen and I have been intimately involved with it from almost the beginning (2000) and for the first time we feel we have a permanent home. Aerosoft has the whole of Germany beautifully rendered in photo realistic scenery along with many, airports. We have Cumulus X (thermals), and Sim Probe (ridge lift) for lift generaton. We have Aerosoft's FS Maps for flight tracking and navigation. Very soon we will have the perfect sailplane, Aerosoft's Discus Glider. Aerosoft is indeed the perfect home for SOAR! We look forward to sharing our wonderful experiences in virtual soaring with your 45,000+ members and truly hope many of the members of the Aerosoft community will discover the joys we have enjoyed through the years. Best Regards, Don and Karen
  6. Here are my best attempts at some loops with a Sagitta, illustrated in the Max Rec Viewer. Outside Loop, Inside Loop, Double Loop (Outside/Inside) Cheers, :cheers2:
  7. Sam, Where do get the LightHorse repaint for the DG-808? Thanks, Don
  8. Hi Randy, Thanks for sharing the video. You did a great job. Where can I get more information on PlayClaw, and Roxio's Video Wave? I would like to try making a video myself. Don
  9. Max, I am sure glad you realize this, The graphic looks great!! BTW, it would be nice if the sound of the airstream in the cockpit accurately reflects the airspeed and its variations. Also a "G" meter would be useful. :AA: Don
  10. Max, Sounds great. Let me know when you have something to try out. I would really like to know what is possible in this area of flight with FSX. Cheers, :smiles: Don
  11. Okay, next question. I have a Dell computer which is under warranty. Dell does not support partitioned hard drives. If I partitioned it I would loose my warranty. Will it be possible to install Windows XP on one hard drive, and Windows 7 on another physical hard drive? Don
  12. Will you be able to run a dual boot system with Windows XP and Windows 7 Don
  13. I finially got to the web site. All I can say about all this is that Bill Gates and Microsoft are renown for their arrogance. This horrible mental condition always leads to stupidity. Microsoft's latest move to totally eliminate Aces I think is a classic example of the relationship between arrogance and stupidity. Gates and Microsoft are equally renown for their greed. When you have a situation where both of these detrimental behaviors exists, the results will seldom be productive. Don
  14. The site keeps timing me out. I have satellite connection and it must be too slow for that site. Bummer
  15. This URL is broken. It does not work. Don
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