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  1. It's been awhile since I have made a post on here, as real life stuff has gotten in the way of using FSX. But, I finally just got around to purchasing the Aerosoft Gliders Discus X, so I can't wait to try that out! It's actually my first payware aircraft, so I am excited to see how that works out. Well, here's to getting back into virtual soaring!
  2. Thank You! Thank You! A million times THANK YOU!!!! Can't wait
  3. Nick C, Those are great shots! Could you tell me, what terrain textures you are using? Those look amazing! Thanks
  4. I have Cumulus X, as well as Sim Probe and a bunch of glider add ons. I was wondering what else, in terms of scenery or anything else, you guys have installed to enhance the soaring experience in FSX.
  5. Under setting up in the manual:
  6. Quick I supposed to have an AirObjectsVisuals.xml in the download, as I do not see one. I think I read the instructions right, and it is supposed to overwrite the original FSX one. Thanks!
  7. Sorry to bump a really old topic, but I was wondering if the Super Cub has ever made it back on the list of possible projects. It is a great aircraft and I would love to see it in FSX from Aerosoft. You could count me in as one of the future buyers if this aircraft ever gets done. Thanks
  8. I have been wanting to try out a winch launch in FSX for a long time now. Can't wait for this release!
  9. There is a Schweizer 2-33: Bocian 1E: ASW-20: ASK-21: That is just from the main flight gear page download section, I'm not sure if Avsim contains more or if there are others out there. In the documentation it says they would have to spend way too much man power to provide a realistic soaring environment. However, it does include winch launches for one of the gliders. I'm sure if someone put in the effort, something like Cumulus X could be developed for the sim. I haven't given soaring too much of a try in Flight Gear, but the scenery is impressive for a free sim.
  10. While FSX is limited according to some sources, I am overall happy with soaring in it. The graphics and scenery are amazing and the flight model is pretty good, especially with CumulusX. While not to stray too far off topic, how do X Plane and Flightgear weigh in against FSX and the dedicated soaring sims?
  11. Looking forward to this! As a broke college student dreaming of getting a glider rating, this is as real as I will get for awhile.
  12. I was relatively new to the SOAR forum at the time of the move, but thank you for all of the welcomes! I am looking forward to using the new home of SOAR.
  13. I am mostly a FSX user, however, from time to time I have downloaded and messed around with Flightgear. Has anyone given soaring a shot in Flightgear? As far as I know, the soaring experience is not as realistic as FSX...but hey, the thing is free.
  14. Thanks! I am pretty sure the Soar DG808 and the many other add ons will fulfill all of my soaring needs until I can get the cash to fly for real.
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