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HDG/Course/Speed Alt Button Push in VR with SU5

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Okay, we all know the the new Logic "Lock" and "Legacy" to push the middle buton but How can I do this in VR?

I tried everything and sometimes my selected Mouse Button for the secondary/tertiary funktion does work, sometimes not.


Have anyone found a proper solution/workaround for VR?

Thanks a lot for your support.

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  • Aerosoft

Hello Dirk,

We got one report so far from one of the testers with the exact same finding that you have with VR support. Right now unfortunately we don't have a solution but we are aware of the issue and will try to have a look into it in due time.

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9 hours ago, Fulatoro said:

Is there a way to assign the HDG pushbutton to a key/button? What is the proper name for the item?

Those are require the use of LVARS .. you will need an application like SPAD.neXt / AAO / FSUIPC for this.

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I'm sure this behavior will be changed natively as Hans previously commented on it, but the more I use it the more I don't mind it, even if it was not an intended change. It's definitely easier to avoid turning a dial when trying to click the center button now and I might even prefer it. I know this needs to change for VR, but personally I'd rather see the development time go to fixing other issues, especially since this sounded like a significant effort.

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7 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

At thjis moment we have no plans for that, sorry. 

Are you saying that you have no plans to restore functionality that was there before? Other aircraft default and add-on can use the new cockpit interaction in VR, so it should be possible for the CRJ.



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