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  1. I have posted threads on this...
  2. In the in game drop down menu where the camera and ATC etc is you have a "Pilot" that allows you to select things. Then there is also the Main menu options where there is the Assistance settings... maybe also check those..
  3. Its not a red herring... It is one of the causes for those that do have this mapped. WU4 induced this... it's a coming out of the ESC menu.. Next there is the Icing issue... And that one is also hard to predict since it happens in situations where it should not. they have also stated that even when the setting that is only to apply visual effects it was still adding weight....
  4. That is a DME Arc ... the CRJ does not currently fly those... Pretty sure this has been mentioned as being worked on.
  5. That is horrible "advice" that in no way troubleshoots or identifies the problem.... reminds me of FS forum/discord posts where people are saying it is because of your windows 10 version... Or "did you update drivers"?? The bug is that it is (MSFS out of ESC) setting Axis to 50% that are "bound in the game".... Bind them in a 3rd party interfacing software and removed from the SIM bindings you will not have it happen. With an Aileron or Elevator the resting of the controller is going to be in the middle 50/50... Your Rudder is going to be 50/50... Fun bug. One othe
  6. So not just the parking brake but the normal Toe Brakes? I think the bug is that they set all Axis to 50% ... So yeah Rudder would be fine and most Aileron/elevator would be fine since they all sit 50/50 at idle ... But the Toe Brakes, throttles, spoilers, flaps axis would be off center for sure....Sounds like the same ESC bug...
  7. I guess maybe since I have mine connected to a Switch on a panel that is an On/Off Switch this makes it easier for me.... since well It has a physical On/Off position...
  8. I would say "don't use the MSFS planning at all". Sim Brief is an online tool that is free (recently acquired by Navigraph) and would give you what you need for "high end planning"... Plus it's not like the in sim ATC is that great anyway.... If you are going to use the in sim ATC then when you select IFR and "High Airways" as the CRJ goes up over 18,000.. just make sure to pick the Departure and Arrivals based on what it is showing so that you can write down all of the waypoints and Dep/Arr that will match the in sim ATC. Then you just manually enter them.... Oh and as an ex
  9. It's not for a single payware ... the automatic Profile switching based on Aircraft alone is worth the price of entry... There are plenty of events even for those that you mention that require access to LVARs or H:EVENTs to control them... especially as they are adding more depth to their custom Autopilot they can't use the standard events....
  10. Map the Axis using AAO/FSUIPC or Spad.Next and none of this is a problem... Plus then you can access LVARs and control the autopilot and all other controls/switches in the plane... I have zero issues with controls and can enjoy some great flights including doing KDEN to KSAN at FL380.... Also no Spoiler/flap phantom events... Even let the sim sit in the ESC menu for 12 hours a few days ago just to see if it would trigger the issue.. nope..
  11. There was a thread somewhere else a while back. One of the CRJ Pilots commented that this is exactly how the behaviour works.... He Also Gave the Pro Tip about using the ELEC page to confirm before shutting down the APU....
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