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  1. the downloader knew I had 3 installs of the crj... offered up 3 directory paths but I had to change the last path by clicking on the folder icon and going up a level and then into the other crj 900-1000 work directory exported my flp and then went into the 900 and it works like a charm.
  2. this is going to be due to AVIONICS switches on your controls .. let me guess you have an Alpha and or a Bravo in your setup and are using default configurations ?
  3. check your control bindings ... there were issues before that when coming out of the ESC menu it would "check axis" .. if you have axis say set to mixture and those are "cut off" then when the sim comes out and sees that axis it will set the mixture to 0 and kill the engines... Also check for Starter switches or basically anything that you should not be running with the crj
  4. So I can confirm now that I have done the 1.0.16 update... The 550/700 will fail evertime it tries to update... The 900/1000 has updated just fine again (there have been a couple updates I think now..) Only solution is to wait for it to say Package Failed ... Close MSFS (I don't ALt F4 I use the menu to gracefully exit). Launch MSFS and go back to the content manager where it now has the CRJ 550/700 in the "Not Installed Section". It will now do a full download and Install... Exit MSFS again since I know need to put my navigraph into it and we need to have MSFS not running to do that update. (FYI Navi data center updated and we now have installer path for the 900/1000) And now run MSFS again and let's go fly..
  5. Seems valid that it is Your Controls ... Maybe update the subject to "solved - Your Controls Addon"? not sure but yes another fun one that others will run into
  6. @Wrench18 remove all content from your community folder ... (just rename it something else unless the CRJ is aerosoft store in which case you need to keep it in the community folder and just move everything else) -- restart MSFS Do a flight with the CRJ ... all good? Well then start going through your add ons to find the offender.... FYI I am sure you don't want to hear this ... but... Your CPU is not a supported device in MSFS or the CRJ. ONLY 4 Generation and higher Haswell CPUs are supported. There are Instruction Sets that your CPU does not support... Once upon a time after SU3 or WU4 which ever it was MSFS made a change and the CRJ would crash the sim just being loaded... ie put it in the hangar it would crash... This had to do with missing the BMI2 instruction set and how that was used in the deployment of Marketplace CRJs ... Now MS fixed it so that the older CPU stopped crashing for that exact use BUT ... only time will tell when you could be running into other issues... Also somewhere here someone was having other issues and they said they went away when they updated their Visual Studio C++ libraries... some were missing.. yes manual download thing to add them to windows..
  7. You should not set the Weights in the MSFS payload manager ... just set the MAC to 35% once and don't do anything there... Go to the EFB setup up the weights and click the set button (twice) ... yes has to be twice .... in the EFB... Then do not use any of the MSFS W&B pages after that.
  8. That is well "not correct".. The LVARs are not about cross Platform .. cause Simconnect and all the SIM Vars are the same as the ones from FSX. Additional ones have been added my MS for MSFS but the original ones are there. The real issue is that the AP MODE variables and the the AP were linked together so you could not operate them independent of each other. What that means is that for a developer that wants to implement a system accurate implementation of the FCP in a Collins Proline system like the CRJ... well you cant limit yourself to being stuck with the "KAP140" which is the implementation in the simulations autopilot effectively. "WERE LINKED" is a key element here. Since SU5 in August Working Title has been implementing changes in the Sim and the SDK while making the G1000 NXi. Some of the information is actually updated and available in the SDK but a lot of it has not been updated in the Docs. You can pulldown the NXi and then go look into the Javascript to figure it out... also you can go over to their Discord and Matt is usually around and will answer those kinds of specific questions regarding how they are going about driving the Autopilot now under the hood in Pitch and Roll along with which variables they can now Write to which will no longer Enable the default AP and the basic operation. So there is additional Simvar (funny they also had to introduce a few LVARs for the G1000 NXi...) that you now set so that you can disconnect the Auto Pilot from the Autopilot Variables. Fun Fact as of Sim Update 6 and NXi .0.8.0 they finally were able to put the Altitude Variable to the normal Slot 0 index Sim Var for Altitude. Finally those with the normal plain Logitech Plugin could use their Multi Panel to control ALL of the controls (well except for BC that is not enabled yet on the NXi ... soon...) but you get the picture.... Oh and as for VNAV mode with the NXi... you still have to use either an LVAR or HEvent to control that since there is no MSFS simconnect control to turn on that mode..... The CRJ operates in a similar manner as how WT implemented the CJ4 ... LVARs to represent the operation Modes of the FCP and running their own custom autopilot that will maintain all of the Intelligence and then operate the sim autopilot in a simple mode under the hood.... Which meant you needed to use other variables than the standard ones to make changes to the custom autopilot and engage those modes which it then translates into the lower level autopilot.... Maybe once Working Title is complete with all of the changes to the Sim to implement their work and the SDK/Docs are updated Aerosoft will be able to consider the effort to make changes ....
  9. So if you want the ALT to go Up .... use the LVAR of ASCRJ_FCP_ALT_CHANGE and set that to 1 ..... it will automatically set back to zero and it is emulating turning the ALT Knob by 1 Click Clockwise. Then when you use a Value of -1 it will turn the Knob counter clockwise. the _SEL is going to move the actual knob in the cockpit and make it click (well it did till a recent update... but that is another issue about knobs and switch animation LVARs working and making sounds) Videos and information has been posted and is pretty easy to use..
  10. I would check all of your controllers bindings to make sure something does not have Autopilot disengage or something on a switch that is inhibiting turning it on...
  11. disconnect your controllers after you get it to takeoff trim and it starts to move again... you will find which one as a binding that is on a switch which is repeating...
  12. I have had to with the Marketplace version wait for it to fail ... close MSFS and then come back... At that point the CRJ is no longer installed and thus it will Install it... Something weird has happened with MSFS in the last couple of updates so I would suggest you try what I listed above... After it fails ... close MSFS .. Start it up .. go back and now it will be in the Not Installed section and try again. If you are still having issues then I am out of ideas as those were the steps for me to resolve the loop and failing with the CRJ update
  13. Well then buy spad next .. it created all of the "key event" lvar events as assignable items ... so it's easy to use... but if you have FSUIPC then you already bought something that could do it..
  14. Take a screen shot of your PFD and MFD and any CAS messages on the screens .. also double check that you did not flick the Disengage bar just below the AP button..
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