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  1. yesterday ISA temp was off the wall +60 or +78 and was causing issues in the flight levels... There were reports and complaints on the WTCJ4 Discord regarding it as well.
  2. This seems like you are loading procedures that have Vectors in them.. Legs with Vectors are flown in HDG Mode not in NAV mode as there is an "unkown" for how to sequence to/from them. example CYOW departure is VECTORS then a you have your first Waypoint. Departure is fly runway Heading (say RNWY 25) 251 you would fly off the runway and use HDG mode of 251 until you were instructed by Departures on what to do next. That could be a "turn left heading 220" or could easily just be "Direct REEDO" which is your first waypoint on your Flight plan. Even more depending on the traffic they could even clear you to another way point further down your Flight Plan... "Direct ALB"... and you would skip the REEDO Leg.. Same with Arrivals and Approaches... If you load any that have Vectors as part of the Transitions then you are expecting that you would transition into HDG mode and follow instructions from ATC.
  3. No where the problem probably comes from ... is that he stated "Personally the default CRJ sounds prevent me from flying it regularly. Buttons, bleeds and hydraulic sounds really good, but I do not like how the engines sound. ". That would be very easy to take in a way that suggests that the AS CRJ is so bad that someone can't use it... If you look prior to that statement he was received with a positive comment that even included detailed information of what to request and the technology suggestions.... The follow up to then point to another thing and then say that in it's current state the CRJ is not good... Well yeah I can see why the continuation of this conversation is not going to be turned around...
  4. follow the tutorial that installed with the Aircraft... it will walk you through everything.
  5. @Reald to pop up displays in MSFS you have to hold the "right" ALT key on the keyboard... Left won't work.. Hold the Right ALT key and then click on the screens to pop them out.
  6. do you have hardware switches bound to the "sim" and strobe lights.... CRJ uses LVARs but some of the sim stuff can interact and cause issues.
  7. I am doing it currently with Time from Destination... However with the WT CJ4 they have the Distance Remaining to TOD as an LVAR so it works much better since you can get it very accurate.
  8. I can run a Script Panel to then Pause the Sim 10nm out from TOD
  9. Read Volume3 of your manuals and follow the Tutorial it includes all the info for VNAV.
  10. Set ALT, Select Speed Mode Dial in the Speed move the Thrust into Climb ..... Should work fine. 250 - 10,000 Feet 290 After that and then 0.76 for Mach Change over
  11. What is your CPU? Full Model. You can find that in your About This PC section.
  12. Your issue is probably your CPU .... What is your CPU? open up Settings and go to the About your PC page. What is the Processor?
  13. Since Logitech does not supply anykind of software that allows for controlling L:VARs or H:Events as more products use those functions it will be the only way to do some of it... If you only have the Radio Panel it is not that much that is limited ... However yes if you want to make it all work currently you need to buy software like Spad.Next ... But it does a lot more than just that...
  14. I have a whole list of videos regarding using panels with Aerosoft -- specifically the Radio panel here
  15. They have a ticket system for reporting and tracking issues... You can even submit files... https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/en/newticket?departmentId=353346000000006907
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