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  1. This isn't true. The fix removes the need to right click knobs before being able to push them, both in and out of VR. It sounds like @pete_auau is perfectly happy right clicking, and that's fine, but it's a workaround not a fix.
  2. Ah sorry about that! Wish there was something I could do about it, but I wasn't able to get permission to redistribute those files unfortunately . Hopefully the official fix for this problem isn't too far out.
  3. A new version is now available, primarily addressing @Chris Pope's issue. You can download the new version directly here. Release notes can be found here. If you have already generated a package successfully there is no need to download the latest version of the application, the output is identical. As I previously mentioned, while the application will now accept marketplace v1.0.9 it may still run into issues while generating the package due to encryption.
  4. Ah interesting, I can release an updated version which accepts 1.0.9 as well. I recall seeing many posts here about the marketplace version of the addon having an incorrect version number when 1.0.6 got released. However, I believe the in-game marketplace version will be missing files required to apply the fix as they are often encrypted. As such, you might get an error regarding missing files and there's nothing I can do about that. I'll post here when a new version is available for you to try.
  5. Do let me know if it works! I don't have VR hardware so haven't been able to test it myself.
  6. Since Sim Update 5, pushbuttons in the middle of knobs can't be interacted with on the CRJ. You'll see it mostly on the FCP, with the CRS 1 & 2, SPD, HDG and ALT knobs, as well as the NAV SOURCE and BARO knobs on the left and right side panels. This fixes those interactions so you can click the pushbuttons once again, in both the lock and legacy interaction modes.
  7. Just beat me to it @Floki! Tested on my non-dev PC and realised the .NET core runtime isn't installed by default. The requirement is .NET Core 3.1 (LTS) for those who want to find it themselves. I'll update the requirements on the GitHub repository and original post
  8. Hi @Razalom, did you extract all the files from the zip archive before running AerosoftCRJInteractionFixer.exe?
  9. Alternatively if you don't want to assign the actions to physical buttons check out this post for another solution:
  10. @Dirk1981 check out this thread - I haven't been able to validate it in VR myself as I don't own the hardware but worth a try!
  11. I don't have any VR hardware so wasn't able to validate it myself, but you can try my fix for the cockpit interactions to see if they work for you and improve the usability in VR:
  12. Over the past week I have been working on a fix for the cockpit interaction issues that Sim Update 5 introduced for the CRJ product. This fix involves modifying some of the model behaviors that are shipped with the CRJ in order to make the controls compatible with the new interaction system. I know it has been a source of frustration for many, including myself, so I thought I'd do something about it! I reached out to Mathijs but was unfortunately unable to get permission to distribute the modified model behavior XML files directly in a package. However, I came up with a different solution - a simple tool which generates a Microsoft Flight Simulator package containing the fix, using the files that exist on your system from your own CRJ installation. This means I don't need to distribute the XML files and a fix can be available for everyone! System Requirements: Aerosoft CRJ v1.0.6 .NET Core 3.1 Runtime (download here) The application does not modify your existing installation in any way - it simply copies files from the aerosoft-crj package, modifies them to support the new interaction system and builds a new package from those changes. The package will be created in the community folder and named aerosoft-crj-interaction-fix. It can be removed at any time to revert to the current behavior. The application can be downloaded here. I have published the source code for the application on GitHub: https://github.com/StevenFrost/Aerosoft-CRJ-Interaction-Fixer. Feel free to take a look through and convince yourself that I'm not out to steal all your data! There are also some known issues and general information which you might find interesting. If you encounter any issues do let me know in this thread or by creating an issue on the GitHub repository. I can't guarantee any support but I'll do my best to deal with the big issues. Finally, a word on the marketplace version of the CRJ. I have been unable to test the application on such an installation since I purchased it from Aerosoft directly. I am aware that marketplace addons often have encryption and as such some files will not be present. I suspect that some, if not all, of the files required by the package generator will be missing for marketplace versions of the CRJ, but there's no harm in trying. If it does fail due to missing files, there's nothing I can do I'm afraid! Thanks for your time! I hope you enjoy some working interactions! All the best, Steve
  13. Hello! I just did a test flight with the latest update (1.0.6) and experienced an error when selecting the TNT2N (TRENT 2N) RWY 27 departure from East Midlands Airport (EGNX). Entering TNT as the only waypoint then selecting the RWY27 TNT2N departure (full route EGNX TNT2N TNT EIDW) resulted in the following incorrect path, note TNT/12 is in completely the wrong place: This is the expected route from the charts (south path): I tested this with and without the latest Navigraph AIRAC (2108), both cases are broken in the CRJ. I also loaded up the default a320 and the Working Title CJ4 and entered the same route. Both of those aircraft get the path correct so this seems specific to the CRJ and not linked to the nav data. Is this something that can be addressed please? It's very quick and easy to reproduce!
  14. Totally agree, this isn't a question of "precisely when are we getting an update?", but one of communicating where you're at in terms of fixing the issues that SU5 introduced. Are you waiting on Asobo? Were other issues found and as such the update is delayed? Are we just waiting on QA to validate the update against the latest MSFS version? Just a small amount of official communcation around this would go a long way in calming your customers and make them feel valued instead of ignored or dismissed.
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