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  1. I got this error too but my root cause was wrong version of Reshade and too much OC of the GPU. Since I rolled back to a older version of Reshade (yes I know you dont like such shader stuff^^) and redcued the clock speed of my GPU all is good.
  2. Hey, Added: Hoppie Logon code field on the Configurator. However, CPDLC is still work-in-progress. Just to make sure, it is not usable, you only have added the field in the Configurator to prepare for future CPDLC avaibility?
  3. Looks like Visual C++ issue. Try to install that (no guranatee) https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=52685
  4. Jup, and @Brianwhtn53 thanks for info but this is disabled since years :D
  5. Additional Info: I have checked the USB Settings (USB Gamecontroler Popup) and all inputs from the Stick are reocgnized as they are but not in the Sim 👁️‍🗨️
  6. Hey guys, dont know if this happend to anybody else too but I recognized it also in the Small Busses now. It did not happen at the beginning of the flight, but on appraoch and landing, the X axis wasnt working anymore. I've attached a video of it. I also tried to unplug and replug the Stick, but same result. Reloading the whole sim solved the issue but the question is, what is causing this cause it is not happening on each flight. Is that a Bus issue or an Sidestick issue :-S (I hope not that its broken :-S) (Sorry for the big video, i have no idea how to reduce it...) BR Video.MOV
  7. Disregard, there as an INTERCEP Waypoint in the nowhere which cause the wrong EFOB :-S
  8. Hey all, does anybody else recognize that if I put eg. 1.5t for cargo into the FMS, GSX just loads 1.2 o.O Cheers Bernd
  9. Hm, I don't really care about the APU start sound cause I think in the Cockpit you wont hear it anyway but yes, outside, there is no sound. FuelFlow glitch solved for my by putting just a 0,5sec silence to the start sound that I do not reconigze it
  10. Hey all, do we have an issue with the fuel calculation of the FMS in the current version? The -0.5 is there since take off but I only have 800nm to go and I think 20t fuel should be more than enough o.O If I am calculating it, F Flow = 80 x 60 x ~ 2 hours = 9600, than the EFOB is wrong. BR Bernd
  11. Hi, State: Cold and Dark Tunring the Ext. Power on, in the ECAM "HYD ELEC PUMP" is shown/not shown/shown/not shown, a kind of jumping from on/off/on/off followed by a strange Elec Sound on/off/on/off/on/off. Turning Ext. Power B on/off/on, solved the issue. Does anybody else recognize this? BR
  12. I recongized today a strange effect with the A330 latest version in P3D v4 and the Thrustmaster Sidestick. XY Axis: If I pull the stick in any direction, the animated stick in the bus has some "microjumps" (also in the PFD reconizable) back to position 0 which makes it a bit difficult to fly the Bus. Was taking off in LSZH 34 and I need to fully pull my TM stick back (repeatedlyrepetly) that I am able to take off. Really strange cause in the small bus this dont happend. Has anybody else see this in the 330? I am currently on my way to Dubai so I can test it again in 4 hours
  13. I can just say what I "changed" till it worked: fresH new installation of my OS (need that to do anyway cause I changed the SSD to an M.2) I am now with Windows Build 19041.329, before I was with 18362.720 I have now a FULL installation fo P3D 4.5.14, before I just updated the Client I installed Bus Version: and than update it to I change the Simstarter version. I used before the new installation the old version and upgraded to the new Simstarter P3D The Bitdefender Internet Security Build changed too ( What I change in the P3D startup sequence: I start my P3D in FULL Screen Mode without the Situation select window and switch back to Window mode after loaded successfully Switch off the engine of the default plane. Switch to the Airport I want to depart Select the Aircraft I want to fly (in that case, the Bus is already in C&D without any Engine sound played) The really funny stuff is, that in the A330 i never had this issue, it was just the small bus. In the meantime I really think that somethin within the Windows Build has caused this cause I do not change anything on my Sound or Graphic Card driver. I am with nvidia driver 441.87 cause I found out that this one is the stablest one for me. With all newer drivers, I got (for whatever reason) DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG errors, even if I just stand in C&D Cockpit xD (Flight Sims, we will never understand what really happen)
  14. The engine start glitch is still there on my side unfortunately, but thats not as anoying as the shutdown sound issue was :D
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