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  1. Will this update be available via Updater too or redownload full installer?
  2. Thanks for making me aware of that I have forgot to install it You can try this workaround (if you know what you are doing in regedit) For P3D v5 (tested and working) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\aerosoft Add a new Key named: Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg Professional - PREPAR3D V5.x Add a new String Value (DE=Zeichenfolge) named: Product_Path Add the path to the folder where Berlin Brandenburg Professional V5 is a subfolder: E:\Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons\p3dv5-d39f-AS14318\userHome~Prepar3D v5 Add-ons (in my case) The installation should now work, no restart necessary.
  3. Hello, there is a "Dienstprogramme" Tab missing, Köln has a configurator. :)
  4. Understood, so you need to be forced to install it via Aerosoft one. What is with the "old" Aerosoft Updater. Will updates be still shown there or only via the Aerosoft One?
  5. Heyho, beeing the first one posting here.. uff Just installed the Aerosoft One (cause I saw it while downloading Heathrow). Problem: The program does not recognize manually installed addons. I've installed EGLL manually started the Aerosoft One, pressed update list, but it shows "not installed".
  6. I have the same problem sometimes. Today I departed from EDDF to KBOS. Everyhing was normal during loading, taxi and line up. Straight after take off my Sim gets frozen and never comes back alive (without any warning, without any entries in the event viewer). I restarted the sim, did the same again and was able to finish the flight after 7 hours without crash. I've really no idea what is causing this. I am seeing this only with the Aerosoft Airbus, without any other aircraft I havent any issue like this... As much as I love the A330, it's always a game of chance whether it works or not: D
  7. Did some flights now too. Really smoth and ILS is working fine again :) Thanks!
  8. Thanks Hans, did just the update but DLL still shows but no worry If all is up to date its okay
  9. Hey, first of all, thanks for the update Please correct my if I am wrong but the ASCRJ Pro 5.dll should be version or not? I did the update and still have version Is this correct too? "Herunterladen und entpacken Version_2503\P3D4Main.zip..." I have it installed in v5 and no v4 installed on my system. BR Bernd
  10. What is shown at F/CTL pitch trim? Had that too and I found out that there was an elev/pitch assignment on my view buttons for my side stick.
  11. I guess that is our fate now as P3D users since MSFS has been released unfortunately...
  12. Hey Hans, sorry for pushing this topic a bit but were you able to find something? I had it yesterday again on my 2 flights. LOWW-EDDM-LOWG. Everytime LOC was established but GS not and the Airplane starts to dive down. Thanks!
  13. Das geht nicht, zumindest schaffe ich es im A32x nicht. Im 330 haut das hin bei mir. Habe wenn der Spoiler in Idle ist Armed bis zum ersten einrasten (Idle) und danach 0-100. LG. Bernd
  14. You've added them manually to the P3D.cfg in your appdata and afterwards Simstarter has asked you if you want to add it to the cfg? I just can imagine that it probably wrotes the wrong entry to your masters cfg file and now do not recognize it as the wrong Job Sheduler entry -> Simstarter_Root_Folder\data\userprofiles\P3Dv5\cfgSet_simCfg_Master.cfg
  15. Install latest version from shop and add following to your SIMstarter NG Settings.ini under \SIMstarter NG P3D\data [GENERAL] checkUpdates=True
  16. I hope Hans is well. It's unusual for him not to reply just a long time 😕
  17. Hey, On/off have to be switched cause if you set it to on, the value will be false
  18. Working fine on my end. Simstarter recognized 5.2 HF1
  19. Have you configured the 2 Axis (Flaps/Speedbrake) in the P3D controls menu too? Without that, they wont work on my side.
  20. Speedbrake I think the spoiler stuff has nothing to do with FS2crew. Somehow the bus does Not recognize the axis as its how in the ini configured:-/ flaps and fs2crew: i guess the Problem Here is that the Bus is looking at the flaps axis and if i Tell the FO to move flaps it wont work cause the axis is at the same position. A320 cfm and I test with A321 CFM too. Thanks a lot! its strange that you cannot reproduce this to anybody else 😅
  21. IMG_1195.mp4 Thats how it is in the A32x. I did now also a complete reinstall of the Bus, but this issue remains I dont understand why its working in the 330 but in the 320 not 😕
  22. Already checked that, nothing active in FSUipc. Have you tested it with my values? If you disable the option in the configurator, the flaps axis are working but the Speedbrake not 😕 I've no idea why the Speedbrake axis are not working without the option checked, that would be the "workaround" method to use it in combination with FS2Crew cause if you activate it, th FO is not able to set flaps ^^
  23. With the A330, everything works. fyi.
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