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  1. In the A32x Series its working fine, its just not working in the A33x
  2. You are right. Not sure why I was confused on that :D Sorry!
  3. Hey, shouldn't the green one control the birghtness of the ND and the orange one the Weather Radar? It is strangly reversed in the 330. In the A32x its "as usual". BR Benrd
  4. Finding: If the reading lights are NOT turned on, the light isnt there. If the reading lights are turned on and switched to off again, the reading light did not disappear.
  5. Can confirm that. I see the same behaviour. P3D latest version A3XX latest version (freshly installed cause of Hardware change last week)
  6. I am still monitoring this but on the last 3 flights, I did not recognize it anymore so I think we can close this up
  7. I have a similar problem. Where is this light coming from? The Reading lights are off: Is it possible tha the reading lights are not so strong anymore or have been changed? I turned them on in the past a bit to have a litte light in my cockpit but now it seems like that he light has beend dimmed a bit. I also recognized that the DOME Light BRT doesn't have any function anymore:
  8. You have not understand what I am asking for ;)
  9. Hi, is there a changelog for the version? I can not find it and in the updater nothing is written what have changed BR
  10. Nope nothing, I did everything as I always do but I recognized this behaviour since the last update (before I've never had this problem)
  11. Hello, is there a known problem with the T/D calculation. I recognized it now on my 3rd flight that after reaching CRZ, the Aircraft instantly shows DECEL and the T/D Path and no T/D is shown on approach anymore: Route: OKSAT L996 INRER M44 KOGIM M725 HDO M748 ABRAX T135 MIKOV MIKO7W MAB6L Route was an import from Simbrief. ENGMLOWW01.flp
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Now aside from this whole discussion, would this 1st Officer be only cosmetic or will it probably also have some functions and features. I dream now from a combination with FS2Crew, saying "hey, set Heading xy and he is doing it with hands to heading knob etc" ❤️ All in all, if the FPS loss is not dramatically, I would say yes to such features but I also need to agree, that an additional option for disabling this feature would be cool. I am thinking about Connected Flight Deck Sessions what can probably cause some strange camera conflicts. And btw.... I just click all the time on the FA bell that my FA brings some cofee in, i LOVE those laughing cofe on my tray table. Such features makes the cockit much more alive as those static stuff we see in all the other aircrafts. Ha writing that, probably it is possible to add a perser which walks into the Cockpit after the boarding has been completed and cabine has been secured
  14. I tried also everything, reloading states, reloading the whole aircraft, reconfiguring the whole Axis etc, nothing worked. Hope to see a fix for this soon Glad that we have a workaround here
  15. Strange, using Simstarter too, no issue with Throttle at all but I am using a Saitek Throttel. As I understand this issue only happens if no Throttle axis is assigned(?) What I recognize is, if I assigne axis with FSUIPC, my Airbus Throttles are also not working at all, but no idea if this helps you guys
  16. Hey, didnt find anything in the Doc. If you click the top middle of the EFB, a green light appears but nothing happend further. What does this do? Thanks
  17. I am using one from a different Developer, not the AS one
  18. Look at point "Navigraph" For my understanding there are some issue with it and it will be delivered with an update later.
  19. LSZH-KMIA with Swiss, inflight Entertainment, PilotsEye A330 Swiss
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. Swiss A330 ❤️ (not sure if it is already included?)
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