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  1. Thanks for the input. Issue has been corrected and update is underway.
  2. Hi Mugz! Issue has been indentified and corrected. The corresponding files will be delivered in the next udpate.
  3. No, its not made of dark matter, but the galley light comes from an emissive map, not actual software lights. So you have the choice to either have it lighted correct EITHER in the closed OR the opened version. As a lighted pax door will look odd in the opened mode, it is like it is... Maybe in a future version we will update this to software lights. But this is in no way a show stopper as this is no GalleySimulator.
  4. Hi! This must have to do with a corrupt installation in my eyes. We have your two cases of faulty shadows and the huge rest of product instances works flawless. We also never witnessed such an issue during production. So its hard to reproduce the cause at all here.
  5. We will overcome the bug. Actions on it will start tomorrow.
  6. All what the developer mode tells you is, that no emissive meshes are installed.
  7. Hi Mugz! Your commitment in honor: Viewing the model in blender not gives you what we see in 3dsmax at first hand. Be careful judging from this perspective.
  8. Of course you mean: I not see as good as i would wish. What many dont know is, that this is also a limitation on the real CRJ. Also some of our advisory pilots told us, using the lights in the wing in realworld during taxiing is not an uncommon practice.
  9. Thanks for those pictures! They say thousand times more than the first one. Its seems, that the camera effects are not rendered nearing the light emitters under are certain border distance. That is a parameter we can work with. Actions will be undertaken to overcome this.
  10. You get emissive lights as the light are installed. Question is now what keeps them from actually showing up... This we will have to test next week. First, with we try to recreate your situation. Then taking the needed steps to remove possible flaws.
  11. Under what conditions were those images made? We never faced total darkness of the lights during testing. Interesting to know so we can recreate. An update is then of course mandatory. Thanks for the input!
  12. Hi M4V3R1CK! This was detected already shortly after the release. Its already corrected and will be part of the next update hopefully. Kindest Regards Stefan Hoffmann
  13. Depends on how good this will run on a really complex aircraft/scenery setup. The recommend max dev resolution by Asobo is even 2K only, the details are to be delivered by a special second layer, called "the decal technique". The reason repainters blow up the A320Neo texture is, that the whole fuselage is fitted to a 2K map and ALL the rest is generated by DECALs. So without any 3d software repainters arent able at all to deliver detailed decors to the aircraft and their only chance is to blow up at least the Albedo map for the color information. Thats a way we wont go, as memory demands rise
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