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  1. The RealLight issue (steppy floodlights on mainpanel) is solved and already pushed into the update pipeline. You can await it ready for download very soon. The reflection/shadowing issue results with legacy (non PBR) shaders in Prepar3D V5. As the airbus series features legacy shaders still, there is nothing we can do about that currently.
  2. Hi Amarant Fox! I checked on the RealLight issue in Prepar3D V5 and the plugin provider changed some interior parameters which we have to address now internally too. The update is worked on next week and soon there should be an update available for that too.
  3. Hi Amarant Fox! I checked the "reflection" issue you described. Actually that is nothing really new. But its not the reflections, its a not correctly working shadowing algorithm which plagues Prepar3D material which got normal maps since generations. Under certain lighting angles the sim doesn´t seems clearly to know if the surface shall cast shadows or not. As this is decided uniquely for each polygon, you get those hard edges shows. This is obvious for ALL aircraft that use normal/bump maps and cannot be avoided as the error stems out of the sim itself. The only way would be to remove all normals maps, but then it falls back to "FS2004" looks, so also no way. However on PBR material this not happens. I also doubt that LM will invest a lot of time on legacy shaders anymore as PBR is the standard nowadays. When the A320 exterior models are getting a full PBR update, this issue you described will be gone. But the rework is no trivial thing and will cost quite some time. Check the A321 under different lighting conditions. If you get a very flat angle of lighting to a certain polygon, you will get the flawed shadows... There is sadly nothing we can do about that now. The A330 however behaves correctly, as the PBR shaders seems to use a different calculations process to process shadows on the polygons. The helicopter is a default aircraft of Prepar3D V5 and also got the shadowing flaw. The floodlight issue for the A320 series is also processed. I will let you know of the results there later...
  4. Hi Luca_Donadi! The A330 is a much younger product than the A320series and uses PBR shaders, the newest standard. Those aquire their environment reflection data in realtime from the actual existing surroundings. On the A320 however we still got legacy shaders which is fed by a static cubic reflection map. With the new skylighting system in Prepar3D V5 also basicly more yellow hue is added and is aimed supporting PBR shaders for best results. The change from legacy to PBR shaders is not trivial and will consume many workhours to be created. So this will have to wait a bit.
  5. Hi wrs511! The easiest idea is the right one here: All cockpit textures were changed for the Prepar3D V5 release to fit the new tonemapping requirements. (If "tonemapping" is a new term for you: that is some kind of lookup-table/function which alters a pixels color information to another value. This was first introduced in cinematic productions to achieve higher control about displayed colors and to stylize productions. If you have seen a "making of" from an actual movie while a scene was just filmed and then later that same scene in the movie, you will witness a strongly changed look of color and contrast. So for the sake of better storytelling the visual aesthetics is stronly manipluated). To raise the quality bar for visual output in Prepar3D V4, LM introduced a new autoexposure / tonemapping. These processes, outputting frames differently to the time before, alters the finally rendered content a split second before it is send by the graphics card to the monitor. Changes can be made in saturation, brightness, contrast, levels and so on, which can change the look of the input textures in a strong manner. Those processes were not perfectly implemented in V4 and forced us to bring the overall texture values to a darker range to keep the correct output. This also led to further complications with other "reshade" addons some user applied addintionally ontop, who remapped the values again . So LM invested quite some time and updated that output engine stuff intensivly again to work correct with its new sky simulation engine also introduced for V5. The result was, that the small busses non-PBR textures now appeared too dark in the default sim. So to guarantee a good costumer experience with the A318-A321 pro series, the values were changed again to bring the correct values to the display, so in a level you would await comparing with real world imagery. So the pity now is only that the mainpanel texture of the existing repaints appears too dark in direct comparision with the freshly redesigned rest of the cockpit. While the default liveries of course were corrected for the release alltogether, we cannot change all the repaints done by exterior repainters. For that case we provide a replacement template for the mainpanel texture, hwere the registration has to be updated to fit the registration for the respective livery. And yes, in future registrations will be added as dynamicly changing part of the cockpit.
  6. Hi SK10! Your find is confirmed. We will create an update of the models to remove this issue. Thank you for your input!
  7. It depends now what you mean with registration placards. I guess you mean the cockpit internal placard: This is set ready to type! So you directly click on it using the Photoshop TYPE tool and you can change it like in a text processing software. Then save it as DXT3 into your livery folder and there you go. On the external however it is harder. For the default paints i looked for very high resoluted images from the registration area and rebuild just that as vector components as the fonts are often not known or especially made for that purpose and not publicly available.
  8. Hi Yoda1976! As I told you before: Some of your "cosmetic" addons REX, ENVTEX you told about causes this. And you did tell too, that you installed the sim, the aircraft and those addons anew. This of course then restores the old faulty state again too. Some of those addons change stuff, they should keep the fingers away from: default content installed by the sim´s installer which is used widely by other addons too. The same folder for the A320 package I have to make first. The FX files generating the final effect on display consist of a texture base for the visual stuff (f.ex. fx_2.bmp) and a *.fx configuration-file that contains parameters on how to use this map and how it should act as active light. Both have to be changed and that for several effects. But its now on the to do list here, parallely to the planned update for the A330.
  9. The A330 product folder contains an own EFFECTS folder. If you want to try out the solution fast and not want to wait until the official update, then overwrite the files in this addon EFFECTS folder (not Prepar3D main, but addon A330 folder!) with those in the attached 7zip file. It contains an updated version for all light effects issued by the "blueish defect" and a subfolder "texture" which contains the renamed fx_2.bmp effect (now named fx_2_AS.bmp), so naturally no one should overwrite that again. Of course make a backup of the addon EFFECTS folder before, i case you want to revert later. I already tested the new layout and all files are loaded correctly here. Effects.7z
  10. The landing/taxi/turn off lights only show blue when the fx_2.bmp file has been altered again by some of your scenery addons. I cannot say which one it was in detail, but you told already that you installed REX, Envtex, etc... One of them changes the default effect on your machine to the bueish version. As we cannot control those developers I currently try to create a workaround with a costum BMP for the issued lights. If this works parallely to the default files the product will soon get an update that should solve the issue in any case.
  11. Back here! I just tested all CRJ VCs and not noticed the landing lights issue in any case. In fact, as the landing lights not cast any shadows, the cone size and orientation had to be carefully selected to avoid any interaction with the cockpit. So technically it should not be possible that something like this occurs. But we are still investigation the issue further and will post the results here... The files need to check would be: fx_ASCRJ_LANDING.fx I attached a copy of the version I used for my current testing. It belongs into the main addon folders - Effects - section. Also make sure a similar file doesnt exist in the Prepar3D main folders EFFECTS section from a former CRJ installation to be sure, the right version is accessed. Normally with the new folder structure the data should be only accessed via the separate addon folder, but one should exclude all other possibilities too... fx_ASCRJ_LANDING.fx
  12. Exactly. As the system has to carry already a lot, the wings are optimized for the VC view, removing all unecessary stuff. For wing views you got the camera from the exterior views.
  13. I think this (double posted) question was answered already in the other thread...
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