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  1. It depends now what you mean with registration placards. I guess you mean the cockpit internal placard: This is set ready to type! So you directly click on it using the Photoshop TYPE tool and you can change it like in a text processing software. Then save it as DXT3 into your livery folder and there you go. On the external however it is harder. For the default paints i looked for very high resoluted images from the registration area and rebuild just that as vector components as the fonts are often not known or especially made for that purpose and not publicly available.
  2. Hi Yoda1976! As I told you before: Some of your "cosmetic" addons REX, ENVTEX you told about causes this. And you did tell too, that you installed the sim, the aircraft and those addons anew. This of course then restores the old faulty state again too. Some of those addons change stuff, they should keep the fingers away from: default content installed by the sim´s installer which is used widely by other addons too. The same folder for the A320 package I have to make first. The FX files generating the final effect on display consist of a texture base for the visual stuff (f.ex. fx_2.bmp) and a *.fx configuration-file that contains parameters on how to use this map and how it should act as active light. Both have to be changed and that for several effects. But its now on the to do list here, parallely to the planned update for the A330.
  3. The A330 product folder contains an own EFFECTS folder. If you want to try out the solution fast and not want to wait until the official update, then overwrite the files in this addon EFFECTS folder (not Prepar3D main, but addon A330 folder!) with those in the attached 7zip file. It contains an updated version for all light effects issued by the "blueish defect" and a subfolder "texture" which contains the renamed fx_2.bmp effect (now named fx_2_AS.bmp), so naturally no one should overwrite that again. Of course make a backup of the addon EFFECTS folder before, i case you want to revert later. I already tested the new layout and all files are loaded correctly here. Effects.7z
  4. The landing/taxi/turn off lights only show blue when the fx_2.bmp file has been altered again by some of your scenery addons. I cannot say which one it was in detail, but you told already that you installed REX, Envtex, etc... One of them changes the default effect on your machine to the bueish version. As we cannot control those developers I currently try to create a workaround with a costum BMP for the issued lights. If this works parallely to the default files the product will soon get an update that should solve the issue in any case.
  5. Back here! I just tested all CRJ VCs and not noticed the landing lights issue in any case. In fact, as the landing lights not cast any shadows, the cone size and orientation had to be carefully selected to avoid any interaction with the cockpit. So technically it should not be possible that something like this occurs. But we are still investigation the issue further and will post the results here... The files need to check would be: fx_ASCRJ_LANDING.fx I attached a copy of the version I used for my current testing. It belongs into the main addon folders - Effects - section. Also make sure a similar file doesnt exist in the Prepar3D main folders EFFECTS section from a former CRJ installation to be sure, the right version is accessed. Normally with the new folder structure the data should be only accessed via the separate addon folder, but one should exclude all other possibilities too... fx_ASCRJ_LANDING.fx
  6. Exactly. As the system has to carry already a lot, the wings are optimized for the VC view, removing all unecessary stuff. For wing views you got the camera from the exterior views.
  7. I think this (double posted) question was answered already in the other thread...
  8. Yes it is. It simulates the bend of the rubber tire coming with heavy aircraft. Compare it to realworld images or other addons. On such aircraft the tires have to deform to a certain amount as they also play a role in shock damping. The best way so is to let them "sink" in a bit to mimmick this behaviour. Not that with addon scenery you often get costum runways which float above the natural scenery a bit. This then can over-exaggerates the effect a bit. But it is no unusual issue how it is now.
  9. Hi! The black objects occur when the texture for them could not be loaded. This can happen if the texture was simply not found in the livery folder or the needed file is damaged in some way and cannot be accessed properly so.
  10. Sometimes even accidents have a good side! Check the image on this accident report, where the FOs front windshield was completely destroyed and you can see directly out without any glass in the way. Now check the pilots intact windshield glass and note the difference between CPT and FO sky! https://viewfromthewing.com/airbus-a319-windshield-burst-glass-hitting-co-pilot-today/ And yes: Its tinted. A simple photoshoot of the glass from inside the plane just reveals nothing. You need the direct comparision the get the absolute difference....
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi Kmax59! Its not about your product especially. We not told our costumers to de-use your product especially. We carefully analyzed what causes us issues reported by our customers and gave a report of the facts faced. The thing is that not really all PBR-branded "new" cockpits are really native PBR material cockpits! Maybe this situation is also responsible for the "calibration" differences from one bird to the other. Some are merely swift ports, which majorly used already existing textures that were made for FSX before. Those had to be by nature brighter than the native PBR stuff, as FSX showed them much too dark over the midday times and devs were forced to overexaggerate brightness there. Many of those will exhibit a better behaviour in NON-HDR environments (which some of the people still stick to) combined with the existing shading presets (as FSX is a NON-HDR environment), as they existed long before and the FSX product and the 3rd party shader software had years to adapt and grow nearer to each other. But doing two versions so NATIVE NON-HDR and NATIVE PBR HDR isn´t economically possible. Its not simply playing with some rulers and getting out the other version. Maybe this fact explains why some shading addons work better with those, worse with other aircraft. For the CRJ and the A330 we went they hard way and not overtook existing material. They were made totally new for the NATIVE PBR environment. Usually it works this way: 1. The simulator platform itself defines how the materials will look by their internal and also for us fixed algorithms. That is the basis which all the industry works on. You fit the product to the base platform you work with, be it Unreal Engine, Unity, Unigine, CryEngine and so on. 2. A new scenery or aircraft product has to obey those rules trying to achieve the most realistic look possible with the given tools and rules. 3. And finally there come the shader mods into action (and not before), there can be done polishing to the result of position 2. Polishing should do an addition, an advance to the product, it should not subtract anything from the experience. Can you imagine how many posts I had to answer before to make that clear? That was valuable, expensive production time which we lost here caused by all the fans of Tomatoes and PTAs and so on not understanding how all those stuff works under the hood and why they got the result they not really loved. Of course the most convinient method to release anger with this half knowledge was to blame the new aircraft products for. The task is now to find a solution together with the 3rd party shading software creators to create presets that do work pleasantly also in the new HDR PBR world. If there should be a global preset that works, which is hard to do seeing how dynamic the visual content became with HDR, that would be cool thing for all. Customers are pleased, we can simply develop and are please instead having constantly to moderate a forum with angry people and you can sell your mods in peace! We want no different thing!
  13. Any "shading plugin" is more or less like photoshop contrast effect which alters the final rendered image. Those were initially thought to beef up FSX content but not do well in the more complex HDR setup coming with Prepar3D. FSX had a fixed dynamic range, so more or less the overall brightness of a pixel in a texture remained all the time the same. Those had to be designed in base much brighter than what HDR in combination with PBR demands to deliver correct results. It would be up to the plugin makers now to update their algorithms to fit the new conditions. We had already a lot of discussion about that. But at first comes sim and provides a base on what we work as developers with. Secondly we design our material to get a possible realistic result using what the platform delivers us by default. And then come the 3rd party plugin makers who do their business on their own. They are not in contact with Lookheed, not in contact with the product designers, but if they want to spice up the material they have to change the workings of their product to the new condititions. Thats why you can go with some aircraft (mostly old FSX aircraft, many ports to Prepar3D use simply old FSX content) and more modern variants get complications (they dont make it i want to underline here). We work with new technology that changed the input for those 3rd party shaders too! Now as the base brightness was higher with FSX, they brought the resulting image more down. And no, adapting our brightness values is not a trivial task and will not happen and you cannot make a texture setup for any shading plugin out there. I count at least four of them now, able to differentiate the settings even more locally. Can you imagine how many "not fitting" variants you can generate with that? That many people not understood yet. They should push TomatoShade, PTA and "what the names are"-producers to go into drive-mode and update their software....
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