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  1. I guess you meant the autpilot front panel (FCU) ? This is not black how we can see, as the screws are displayed at the edges, so the texture is loaded and rendered. What happens is that not all dynamic lights are included in the rendering and so the total light amount reaching the FCU panel is smaller than with its neighbouring ones, so it appears a lot darker. So the question is now why this happens and it can be also caused by the exterior lighting from the scenery. We can have reached a limit of lights etc.... The settings for materials are all the same in case of VC panels. Only the pixelinformation inside the textures differes here. Can you test with a similarly sized other aircraft at the same position and see if the same happens there? Also if you use any 3rd party visual plugins like tomato shade etc: Such stuff we not support, as there appearance is hardly calculable on many system. This can be truly the cause here....
  2. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Time for the small friday update. This week i got images from the CathayPacific livery for the A330, which is finalized by now.
  3. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Time for the friday update: The VirginAtlantic livery has been finalized now. Inspect the winglets please for not being mirrored and freely paintable ;-). Also the images should answer the question if DOOR2L and R are openable. It contains the whole galley there too for the exterior view. At the end comes a little preview for next weeks livery...
  4. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Hi Yapke! I dont´t know where your doubts come from, but of course the winglets are in hires and they are not simply mirrored. Each side can be painted independent and that will be shown also in the next friday update presenting the final coloring of the VirginAtlantic livery. This livery got, different than the blank Lufhansa ones, painted winglets with the airlines logo on it. We have also decided now which livery comes next: CathayPacific.
  5. Stefan Hoffmann

    Contact Points

    Hallo! Das die Reifen teilweise im Boden einsinken ist zum Teil gewollt (da hatte Tom völlig recht und das werdet ihr bei eigentlich allen Produkten am Markt so sehen), teilweise wird das durch die Sceneries verstärkt, denn dort werden über dem eigentlich "physikalischen" Boden noch weitere Bodenelemente eingefügt die keine Berücksichtigung bei der physikalischen Berechnung erfahren. Wenn natürlich die Chockes komplett im Boden versinken, stimmt etwas nicht. Wir arbeiten dran und werden das korrigieren.
  6. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Data63 is not wrong here! While of course more pixels enable to contain more information inside a texture, the visual effect lessens very much going over 2048er size if you stay with the same covered surface area. This you not get a linear increase in visual quality anymore for usual viewing distances which are kept far over 90% of the time. What you get for sure is an exploding demand on texture memory resources, in fact it multiplies with factor 4 for a single color texture. Also the single pixels in the texture have to be accessed element for element by the GPU shading processors. Taken into account you also have to assign a gloss/specular and a normal texture, then we are at factor 12 already. Large aircraft then come to 3 materials for their long tube sections. That would be 3x12=36 fold the demand. Sadly in flight simming aircraft not hang in empty space: They need a hires environment so landscape tiles, cloud tiles and foremost detailed airports and MEGA airports. Those will also get crowded with details more and more with time. Modern top end graphics cards come with 6 to 8GB (not many want to buy such expensive cards still yet and got less) but how long do you think does it take to exhaust that again, when all (aircraft and scenery designers) think they can play a lone main role in using resources on the sim platform? Below i made a small sample image that shows the result of a 4096er and a 2048er representation of the same content. Try different distances from the monitor and see how fast you cannot see the difference anymore. And i just compared paintkits from the manufacturers mentioned with the result, you also cannot read the smallest labels there too...
  7. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Decision may fall next week.
  8. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Because they are not modeled yet.
  9. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Thanks for the kind words hunteral. You are welcome! Also time for a small friday update. Lufthansa satcom fairing has been done and so also the rest of the livery. Wasn´t that easy to get info on that pieces. The next one will be a VirginAtlantic A330, WHICH ISN´T COMPLETELY PAINTED YET on the images posted. Also those its seems have been fitted with some kind of internet antenna fairing. As i not found detailed info on that, you are free to help and document from what company that maybe and pictures of it would be even better! Sadly any airline seems to use its own system or at least fairing...
  10. Hi Marea! What you witness is not a failure in the repaint. You are still in the VC, you not see the exterior here. Maybe you use a camera plugin? That can be already the solution. Reset your cam views here please. A wrongly set EZDOK cam often produces such results...
  11. Stefan Hoffmann

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Time for a small friday update: Works on the A330 continue and I am currently doing addtional liveries. The first one is the first A330 with the new Lufthansa paint, D-AIKO. Note that the works are still underway at this paint: Work is just done on the EMER DOOR3, which is much more narrow than on DragonAir aircrafts. So there we got the first option already. Additionally with that another window layout comes, which is also added next week. The most prominent change will be addition the FLYNET fairing at the aft section of the aircraft. Collecting data was needed, to be able to model that first. They differ from the ones used with A320 aircraft, so its sadly not only "copy and paste"-job here. Images are taken out of the 3dsoftware. The looks in the sim will be better with all the lighting, reflections and shadows there...
  12. Stefan Hoffmann

    No exterior light effects

    Dynamic lighting must be set to ON in the lighting menu in order too see the runway illuminated. Setting this option off, you disable all exterior lighting calculations and it gets dark.
  13. This happens, when the corresponding normal maps are not loadable. Did you set the links in the texture.cfg for that correctly?
  14. Stefan Hoffmann

    Fuzzy cockpit detail

    Maybe you should try another antialiasing setting. There are also very differently in processing speed.