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  1. I not took new images for that post, but three other liveries were added to the package today for the CRJ1000: HIBERNIAN EI-HBB "RÍA DE VIGO" BINTER 9H-MOX "Islas Canarias" IBERIA REGIONAL EC-MJP
  2. As we just got good coverage on the label by you, this is of course put into the livery next week. Thanks for the input!
  3. Livery creation is finished next week to speak for the 3d part of the work.
  4. Another Livery finished: Iberia Regional EC-MNQ
  5. Another livery finished: F-HMLK. Thanks to Holgi for the vectorart for the regions of France!
  6. The CRJ1000 Garuda livery has been finished now. Iberia birds will be the next ones...
  7. The BINTER livery has also been finished...
  8. Some update for the CRJ1000s. Livery production is now underway after the common assets have been created. The first one will be the AirFrance HOP! Next coming will be BINTER, GARUDA, IBERIA...
  9. All of the images shown until now display the CRJ900 only. The CRJ1000 is currently under production. While both look pretty similar from distance and you could mean the longer fuse is the only difference between them, in truth the CRJ1000 has more wing depth, more wingspan, different winglets and also the whole belly section is a different construction. So this takes some time to finish. When we are ready, we will post pictures as usual here....
  10. The American Eagle N550NN livery has been finished...
  11. The newer Iberia Regional livery is now also ready....
  12. That "blue" applied here is already the final color. We got the values from actual LH documentation. The darker blues were tested on Airbusses and Boeings. A livery showing the EU-GERMAN-FLAG combination has been added to the product meanwhile...
  13. Another livery is finished: AirCanada....
  14. That "old" Iberia is a real paradise bird, so we could not resist to bring that into MSFS as well. But the more modern paint scheme is just in the making here....
  15. Quote: "Also the CRJ 550 doesn't have any toilets in the cabin" This is a plain wrong assumption. The CRJ550 has its toilet at the aft end of the cabin in realworld. Quote: "..also the emission texture in the CRJ-550 is the emission texture from the CRJ-700.." This is a plain wrong assumption. The CRJ550 model got its realworld cabin layout also in our 3d model version which differs strongly from that of the 700. So the same emissive map on both models would never work here.
  16. Hi CXA001! Attached is an image from the paintkit manual to the MSFS CRJ700 paintkit. As the winglets in the base texture are of too low resolution for razor sharp winglet details, there exists a special decal surface just for painting this region. Please check the image, it should tell you about the texture you need to adapt for your paint. Make sure you learn how to use transparency masks in case you not fill the whole winglet with a uniform color. There is a unique decal for every wingtip side in this texture in a rather large size. For the relative position on the winglet you can refer to the included UV layout layer.
  17. Thanks for the input. Issue has been corrected and update is underway.
  18. Hi Mugz! Issue has been indentified and corrected. The corresponding files will be delivered in the next udpate.
  19. No, its not made of dark matter, but the galley light comes from an emissive map, not actual software lights. So you have the choice to either have it lighted correct EITHER in the closed OR the opened version. As a lighted pax door will look odd in the opened mode, it is like it is... Maybe in a future version we will update this to software lights. But this is in no way a show stopper as this is no GalleySimulator.
  20. Hi! This must have to do with a corrupt installation in my eyes. We have your two cases of faulty shadows and the huge rest of product instances works flawless. We also never witnessed such an issue during production. So its hard to reproduce the cause at all here.
  21. We will overcome the bug. Actions on it will start tomorrow.
  22. All what the developer mode tells you is, that no emissive meshes are installed.
  23. Hi Mugz! Your commitment in honor: Viewing the model in blender not gives you what we see in 3dsmax at first hand. Be careful judging from this perspective.
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