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  1. zhensanmao

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Flying for nearly an hour, there are still problems, speed management issues
  2. zhensanmao

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    The AS319 also works very well. Upgrading to seems to completely solve this problem. Now I am waiting for the AS330.
  3. zhensanmao

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    It seems that upgrading to, all problems are solved, and it runs very well.
  4. zhensanmao

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    This problem seems to be unresolved. I just updated the latest version. The problem of loss management speed in the cruise phase still exists.
  5. zhensanmao

    Managed Speed at Cruise

    My AS320 is also the same problem, I thought it would be changed to the latest version, but it should be changed, but no,
  6. zhensanmao

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    I am not sure where this link is. I have found a lot of places and I have not found this subcategories
  7. zhensanmao

    Still problem with IPAD

    I purchased four Virtual Aviationics products, PMDG747\PMDG777\PMDG737\Virtual CDU A31X/A32X. But now I can't support A31X/A32XPRO.
  8. zhensanmao

    320/321 Connect Pro

    Same as above
  9. zhensanmao

    IPAD and MCDU

    My MCDU connection IPAD is successful, but there is a problem, it can not be fixed in the position of the IPAD browser, touch it by hand, it will change the position, especially when inputting data, the picture is always moving, is it not set correct?
  10. zhensanmao

    Crossroads appearing on the route

    Thank you, Mr. Mathijs Kok. I set the speed and height of each point by honing so that each point has a red circle. The problem is solved.
  11. zhensanmao

    MCDU what is this suggestion

    ok ,thanks
  12. What does MCDU suggest for "enter dest data"?
  13. Crossroads appearing on the route.Why is that?
  14. I gradually got a new understanding of AS Airbus. It has very distinctive features. I changed my mind about it. I am very grateful to the AS team for their hard work. Well, there is a problem today. How to edit SID and STAR programs, such as an airport that does not enter the departure process, now has some data, how can I edit it. For example, ZUUU Airport (with photos), how is this edited? Thank you
  15. You should understand the way we wait because it is a year after all