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  1. is there any time frame for the 'busses to be released in P3Dv4?
  2. easyJet's first european AOC registered aircraft, any able or have time to paint it? https://www.planespotters.net/photo/776668/oe-iva-easyjet-europe-airbus-a320-214wl
  3. Hi all, With easyJet today (16/05/2017) confirming they have converted 30 options for the A320neo into a321neo orders, is there any talented painter out there who is willing and has the time to repaint the A321 into easyJet's new livery? the birds are going to have a config of 235 seats and we believe doors 2 will be plugged and a pair of overwing exits installed, if the paint could resemble this great if not, then its not a biggy. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/easyjet-opts-to-take-a321neo-437248/. Thanks in advance Aaron
  4. 1aaron10

    Repaint request

    Hi all, Is anybody able at some point to have a go at painting an AirAsia A320 in the King Power livery? Looks a really nice one to fly. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Thai-AirAsia/Airbus-A320-216/4235305/L?qsp=eJwtjLEKAkEMBf8ltRYiWFynlZ0W/kBMHnp4uksS0OW4fzcudsMMzExSXoFPXFoFDeRgkzutqLLx02mY6YH2LqbJdPQ1XyOrF4tDS6Mc2IugBvTvT6awX4JLH91yvEmAnTvTdpdeR68T9weCx4mW5QtFzi66 Cheers guys guys have a good one.
  5. 1aaron10

    Repaint request

    Hi all, I'm really loving the A318 Research livery, is it possible anyone could do this for the 19,20&21's?
  6. 1aaron10

    Dalaman LTBS?

    Can we talk about Dalaman?
  7. 1aaron10

    Request - Cathay Pacific

    Sorry for the late reply but been busy flying at work!. To answer your question though yes everything does work with a nice easy install aswell
  8. 1aaron10

    ROME FIUMCINO in development

    As it's in Italy the standard FSX ATC would probably be "as real as it get's"!!! excuse the catchphrase
  9. 1aaron10

    Request - Cathay Pacific

    Wow I can't believe you've done it so quick and both models look awsomefrom the pics! Downloads just about finished now can't wait to get in the flightdeck and flying these two Thanks Alex!
  10. 1aaron10

    Request - Cathay Pacific

    Thanks Alex. I can't wait! this will be such a good looking airbus!
  11. 1aaron10

    Request - Cathay Pacific

    Can anybody body out there do a fictional Cathay Pacific livery for the 320/21? I think this will be nice accompaniment to the Hong Kong scenery
  12. Fantastic Repaint! Thanks for taking the time to do this one