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  1. Fantastic - thanks for the instructions. They look good enough for a "sticky". I haven't done the 2004 update yet but I've been doing all those steps except the DDU. Definitely worth including - and I'll try to remember to do that each time I update the GFX drivers (I've been lazy). Adam.
  2. I meant that maybe some additional pruning/optimisation/reworking of code (that admittedly worked OK in P3Dv4.5). I've heard some add-on developers have had to almost totally re-write their code for v5 (though I could be wrong). I accept that if I'm the only person out there that's having problems, then you don't really have a problem (LOL). I just thought I'd raise it in case I'm not the only one. You never know!
  3. I disabled RealLight and RAAS, but can't run any of the Airbus series AT ALL. I can just about squeeze 2 minutes out of a 318/319 before I get the dreaded VRAM error. With the 320/321, I don't even get as far as the VC. This is also with my display settings dialled way back from anything I can usually fly with (and certainly no chance of E/A mode). I realise it'll be all too easy to blame LM for this, but the fact is that I can easily run other "study" aircraft with no real problems. I hate to say it, but it looks like products that ran well in P3Dv4.5 (my Airbusses did) may need a
  4. Can RealLight be disabled or does i have to be uninstalled? I'm afraid I cant run any of the v5 Airbuses without the dreaded DXGI error. I have an 8GB RTX2060 and only rarely get this error with other aircraft.
  5. I still play this game/sim once in a while ... and would also like to know whether it's still "alive", as it were. Adam.
  6. I haven't tried it ... but does changing the model in the aircraft.cfg do the trick? Adam.
  7. I'm sorry - I'm afraid I've forgotten 99% of the German I learned at school I think if you set the plugin as you see it in the screenshot, you should be OK. All the other values you might get if you click on the various/other boxes can be left as they are (default). There are plenty of saving/DDS help videos around on YouTube - try Googling around a bit (it's what I did!). Best of luck! Adam.
  8. Sure. Upload it to DropBox (or similar) then PM me the link. BTW - you didn't answer my question(s) about PS and plugin versions <?>. Adam. P.S. In case you're not even getting the DDS plugin screen - it appears when you try to save the file as a DDS file.
  9. Here you go. What version of Photoshop and DDS plugin are you using? This was with CS6 (Windows). Adam.
  10. Easy one, this (I hope!) ... ... just flip the texture vertically. There's a tick box you can use to set that to a permanent setting. Adam.
  11. OK - I see your problem. Aerosoft changed the way the various models are called via the aircraft.cfg, so *older* liveries won't work without a little bit of work. You may need to check the the forums here for more precise information. There are two things that need to be addressed: 1) From memory, I think the "model=" line needs to point to a specific model: just "model=[blank]" may not work. Either that, or the model entry is pointing to a model that's no longer there (in the new version). 2) More likely, the cause is this: Check the textures.cfg file (in each livery)
  12. This is a fairly common procedure - which many of us old-timers do so automatically that we don't realise it could be a stumbling block to some. In your aircraft.cfg, each livery will have an entry - starting with [fltsim.0]. These all need to be sequential, so the next block of values for the next aircraft should start with [fltsim.1] ... and so on. If you already have a fair few liveries added, then your new [fltsim.x] entry should be the last entry plus one. It sounds to me like you may have a mistake in the numbering <?>. If there's a mistake, the sim processe
  13. Wow - these topics get closed off super-quick here! Just to say thanks for rushing through the compatibility update so quickly after all. No issues on my system 🙂 The problem with utilities of this nature is that we tend to build our simming procedures around them. I do a fair amount of beta-testing, so the ability to switch configs quickly/easily is absolutely crucial. Thanks again! Adam.
  14. Great to see you putting stuff up here, Matt ... seeing as OzX is still down <?>. Adam.
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