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  1. Yup, those buildings look spot on! Very cool to see!
  2. Will definitely be picking up this one. It's the only Dutch airport that I am slightly familiar with. Very cool!
  3. This one I will buy almost definitely. This looks excellent already.
  4. And what about being able to see all animations on the planes in multiplayer, I still can't understand why you can see certain things on GameSpy yet wings fold for example you can't see. My my enough things to improve, good luck Aerosoft!
  5. This is a very good thing, as Aerosoft has been in business for a while and many devs have worked on either one of the Microsoft sims and they all at some point ran into the same strong and weak points. I really hope this will lead to a highly optimized, more realistic experience. You've got my money!
  6. Some superb stuff http://www.lionelcharlet.com/aviation-film...ue=en&id=42 Wild Flight, it's worth the coin.
  7. Hm pretty random placements of those buildings. It'd be great to have a custom texture underneath it just to make it all blend in a bit more.
  8. Thanks a lot! Downloading the new version now.
  9. Just take a flight over default Tahiti and take in the squarish coastlines, mediocre mesh, dull autogen and boring landclass placement and you'll start seeing the difference.
  10. That looks magnificant. Reminds me to do a bit of island hopping today. It's been a while since I flew there!
  11. My type of flying. And good to see it's in Africa. I think I'm really going to enjoy this one!
  12. I put 2008 on my external storage device. Time for a new year. Happy 2009 y'all!
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