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  1. Ohhh My Gawd 😮 😮 😮 Where is It??? Where is It??? I don't see the TwOtter on my Sim Already! This is Not Good for business!!!! Amazing Job guys!!! its incredible!!!
  2. I meant, new New livery I remember you postses pics for the Blue/yellow
  3. Ooooohhhhhh La Famosa, TMA !!! beautiful, any plans on bringing the Long Nose one too?
  4. OMGGG This Is Marvellous !! do you have ano plane on showing SeaPlane ops? (Asymetrical thrust maneuvers, docking, undocking etc) That would be lovely
  5. Wonderful Mathijs !!! the TwOtter is going to be a very Best seller for sure!!!
  6. This picture is from this Topic if you want to check. If the developers are still on schedules, it should still be the case. Also, please use English here so people unterstand (I am french too, but I'm using english as a form of respect) if you are not familiar with English, please use Google Translator
  7. Hey Mathijs, that might be stupid question and I apologize in advance. Is there any plans on doing the A330E? (Modern version, Longer Range, On-Board Airport Navigation System, etc...), or this is the Old A330 versions? Once again, I apologize if the question is stupid
  8. You think the A330 would be this year? well, I can't tell I havent really looked at the A330 Thread, just posted in to ask about PosCon integration for CPDLC haha, when the TwOtter will be out, I will probably go and Follow the A330 closer
  9. Hmmmm what do we have to understand here @Mathijs Kok Saying you would be surprised because it is really still far our because you want to hype us saying its far and then surprise us next month?
  10. Amazing Job to the deveoppers !!! and Yes @Mathijs Kok, You Rock !!!
  11. @Mathijs Kok we will see how MSFS will evolve or if you have an idea on how to make it possible I proposed this pecause I asked about PosCon 3rd Party Integration of their systems, they replied that they would love to see this happening
  12. Hey May I ask if you have any plans to integrate PosCon system? since they got their own CPDLC system, it would be amazing to have it directly in the cockpit, as you did for the P3D version with Hoppie integration (never tried it, I never had P3D, only watched a video of it on YT)
  13. @CharlieMBTA Maybe, I don't remember it precisely, and wasnt able to find it xD, thanks for clarification
  14. Oh oh ... Rest in peace Thokle... May Mathijs has Mercy for your soul... Last time he said he would Ban those asking for a -400... tho, I understand you and I agree, but I wont ask for it
  15. T ime saving trick Here: take the FSX Manual and replace all FSX mentions by MSFS
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