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  1. This is beyond Amazing !!!! can't wait for the Helis to fly there !!!
  2. Ohh your words sound like music to my ears ❤️ I can't wait to see those 2 helis especially with your upcomming addon! Understandable! well hopefully Asobo will fix that at a later date
  3. Woahhhhh I always wanted that!!!! I can't wait!!! After this, we will need Offshores plateform shuttle helicopters (AS225, S92 etc) That will be a real challenge to reach and land on those plateforms and ships on High winds and bad visibitity. btw, will the plateforms and ships sway with the waves? or will remain static
  4. Sure!!! I guess you can close this one now, Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello all, I just recieced my TCA Throttle today, I'l trying to configure it for the FBW A320 first, then I will take care of the TwOtter! About FSUIPC, I guess I would need the Paid version? I meant, shouln't it work with the default MSFS ENG1 & ENG2 axis for each lever?
  6. Thanks for clarifying @Berk KP, I personally thought taht AS oversised the steps haha, thx for the pics
  7. Hey Finn, thanks for the infos, can we keep this thread Open until I get the TCA? so I come back with it and we can set up the throttle profile for the TwOtter, if not, I can always open a new Thread, but I rather use the same to not "pollute" the forum As of now, I can't change things yet. Regards, SkyLane
  8. Hey Eric, Yes, the are is Full Backward. I am also into the wind (calm wind tho) Maybe it had to do with the Throttle lefer too? waiting for the TCA throttle maybe I will have more control on the thrust? One more thing, Taxiing with wind is Impossibles, we can't maneuver the plane.. any suggestion? asymetrical thrust maybe? (so TCA throttle will help)
  9. Thanks for your replies! @Finn I have the TCA Throttle comming in a few days, it will easy the ground maneuvering, hopefully will be easier to get in BetaRange on the ground to stay immobiles. @Maty743 I have toolbad, lovely addon: but as you said, it don't work with the Float versions... I wish someday someone could make a third party Seaplane companion (simulating Linking to docks with ropes, power supply at dock, ground handing etc) would be easier for TMA ops with all the Docks around Maldives.
  10. Hey, I'm not a Seaplane Expert, but I can't make the plane to stay stationnary, I set engines to idle and on feather, but it still go forward until I shut down the engines. is it normal? or a MSFS/SDK limitation? Thanks! Regards, SkyLane
  11. Tried the Seaplane version ans I ran on a weird model issue (DHC6-300 Short Nose): Other Seaplane version are fine: -DHC6-100 Float: No Steps at all -DHC6-300 Float & Amphibious: Steps dont overshoots the door Regards, SkyLane
  12. There you go https://fr.flightsim.to/file/26528/tara-air-dhc-6-300-twin-otter-livery
  13. G-HIAL is here: https://fr.flightsim.to/file/26526/loganair-dhc-6-300-twin-otter-livery
  14. Hey, Thank you @Mathijs Kok for this category ❤️ I have a few request for the Twin and I decided to make only one thread for all. 1: Aircalin (My Top Wish) 2: Air Guyane 3: Air Antilles 4: Fiji Link 5: Air Loyauté 6: Harbour Air 7: Nordic Seaplane 8: TMA (Long Nose) Thank you in advance ❤️
  15. Hey Mathijs, that might be stupid question and I apologize in advance. Is there any plans on doing the A330E? (Modern version, Longer Range, On-Board Airport Navigation System, etc...), or this is the Old A330 versions? Once again, I apologize if the question is stupid
  16. @Mathijs Kok we will see how MSFS will evolve or if you have an idea on how to make it possible I proposed this pecause I asked about PosCon 3rd Party Integration of their systems, they replied that they would love to see this happening
  17. Hey May I ask if you have any plans to integrate PosCon system? since they got their own CPDLC system, it would be amazing to have it directly in the cockpit, as you did for the P3D version with Hoppie integration (never tried it, I never had P3D, only watched a video of it on YT)
  18. Hey! I wish to have a TwOtter HomeCockpit (unfortunately, my favourite Twitter version is the Series400) I can't wait to see more! Regards, Marc
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