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  1. Never even downloaded it, I also read a lot about it but at release I realised that it was really not for me. On the + side now FSX is really running well and with the tons of addons I bought I'm a happy simmer
  2. Well I wish you good luck, I have my practical exam next saturday, can't wait after a year of theory classes and flying it's awesome to finally be at the end and hopefully succeed Keep us posted on your progress My next step is transition from the Tecnam to a DA40 and aerobatics on a Cap10 as well
  3. On the Tecnam I fly which has a rotax engine the propoller stops almost instantly... But I didn't have time to install the DA20... Finishing to prepare my theoretical PPL exam...
  4. I'm already a big fan, like Ice Pilots NWT... Thank god for Internet
  5. Funny story I hope they descended to FL100 and not FL1000
  6. That was quick, I didn't even have time to install SP1 on my FSX machine
  7. limp

    Why Zurich?

    Hi, I had news from Flylogic that they were doing Zuerich as well but I'm guessing they were talking about this. I'm quite eager to see the result, not 100% happy with fsdreamteam's geneva and zuerich. Cheers, Thomas
  8. Great news ! Soon you'll be able to train on the PMDG 737
  9. Great idea ! Seems very straight forward and the update notification is awesome
  10. I just recieved my G940 today so I will report back after testing in a couple of days...
  11. At least no one was hurt... But that is a very tricky and dangerous airport...
  12. I'm sorry but I don't understand you...
  13. Same here uninstalled old version, checked that there where no remaining folders or files and reinstalled 1.20 and had a lovely flight from Zurich to Vienna... Loved it !
  14. Mathijs, I actually tried that for the MCDU to put it on my small tactile screen but the sim became sluggish and the FPS dropped (i guess because it's another 3d view...)
  15. It's been working great me Even with the betas it was stable (when I say stable I am talking about a couple of CTD in 6 months)...
  16. Strobes are automatically turned off when on the ground I think it's normal.
  17. And I can confirm that the team is doing everything possible to solve issues, I'm flying the beta of the SP1 and for the moment all is sweet ! I'm cruising at FL360 of Germany to ESSA... Normally the nose dip has been solved, I hope to be able to confirm that after landing in about 2 hours
  18. It's been done but not uploaded yet, I'm waiting for it too
  19. I am cruising at FL320 Speed selected is Mach .80 and I am achieving Mach .801 so all good on my side with V1.11 in the Fly Niki A320. I am having a 25 knot crosswind. Note the throttle is in CLB detent. Wonder why you guys have such a problem...
  20. I stopped using the REX engine because of that... I always overspeeded in the J41... Now using ASE and have not experienced this anymore with DWC
  21. I don't know if that fix will help for that issue, but it can't harm at all... good idea to mention it Bob Those CTD in FSX are a pain to debug... Remember the J41 and the crash on exit... It took them 6 months to solve but it was a shame they never explained the solution to the problem because it might help other dev's...
  22. SP1 will be a bug fix... New features might come in the advanced version... Let's cross our fingers But I already have loads of fun with this bus...
  23. Very weird... Can't reproduce the problem...
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