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  1. Hi, Can we install over the install or do we need to uninstall>reinstall? Thank you.
  2. Could we please have details on what v2 brings please or a link, Sorry I could not find this info.
  3. Nyxx

    Preview Bergamo LIME (Released)

    So what's happening now?
  4. Nyxx

    Preview Bergamo LIME (Released)

    Must be close now!
  5. Expect it is true. You really need to know the facts. I installed it 8x due to other things, nothing was installed on my pc apart from my legal copy. Also it was the very pirates themselves that bought it to light and the main guy they was after did a huge runner closing his web site down and wiping himself of the web. The only thing I will agree with you on is they should not have done it. The reason behind it I don’t blame them for. As long as you did not enter a pirate code into the installer you had nothing else installed, it really was as simple as that. Wrong yes but unless your stealing it, if your not then watching grass growing is more interesting.
  6. To use your analogy, No your “burglar” alarm never went off and no “burglar” never came to your home. Because you nor your home was of zero interest to anyone.
  7. Was there any need for that Frank? Let's just get the facts right. As long as you did not enter a known pirate code the "malware" self deleted and was never on your system. Read that again as its very simple. But I think you already know that anyway. There have been enough ill informed drama queens shouting out for attention on the topic. Here we are weeks later and you come out with a loaded comment like that. Lets just say from you that's very disappointing and totally uncalled for under a topic that should be for info on your A320 not having snipes at another for no reason at all. He was asking about your product. FSL A320 is and will be nothing like yours as you acknowledge many times yourself. Two different ways to do the same aircraft for a different type of simmer, there is room for both and each to their own. Your team have made huge strides to make your A320 a great product for the market your targeting. Is it to much to ask for that both you and each others fan base to just respect each other for what you have both done. I make no bones that am I huge FSL A320 user and fan. But at the same time I personally really respect what Aerosoft are doing with your new A320 and it looks like a great product if you have no wish to have a version like FSL. Why not just leave it at that?
  8. Nyxx


    Just did my first flight after buying it tonight LOWS-EDDB Landed on 25R. AI worked perfect. FPS= nothing=could not ask for more. Lime and 29 did a fantastic job, thank you guys.
  9. It looks like a must buy to be.
  10. Is it Just me or has that coffee got a smiley face?
  11. I had to replace my GTX a year ago and was not happy spending £375 on a good one. From the comments above I just went to see what prices are like. The same 1070 GTX is now £565. OMG!!!! I feel for anyone needing wanting to upgrade. 1080Ti are £900 -£950..WHAT!!!!
  12. "Better"? A quote from Mathijs “FSL has a very different idea about their products, where we simulate the job of the pilot, they simulate the aircraft first. A subtle but significant difference. We do not enjoy system simulations a lot, we enjoy flying far more.” Personally I dont think its a subtle difference I think it's a "significant difference". A quote from Frank “Feel free to buy the FSL Bus. It is very nice, but also for a different market at a different price. The two products will never be the same or comparable for that matter.” Hope than answers your question? People will pick what suits them best and price is a huge factor also. It's great people have the choice.
  13. Nyxx

    Roma Fiumicino Prepar3d v4 Problem

    Dino, The reason that most people turn off crash detection has nothing to do with landing. You will know if you landed well yourself. When developers make addon airports they add things like 3D grass etc all round the airport. If you run into a 3D object that you might not even see with crash detection on you will get a "crash" Crash detection on has always been a really bad idea like silly AI traffic that will block your way.. If you want to judge your landing get a program that can give your VS on touch down. But since you have been FS since 1986 you would know a good and bad landing. Turning off crash detection is the option to use, even more so if you use addon airports. Turn it off and forget about it.