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  1. You can load another FSX flightplan....
  2. I think you will still find it easier to use a Flight planner. however if you fly in and out of heathrow for example enough, you soon get to know what the waypoints are... You wil also find many of the waypoints are easy to guess such as DVR4G SID from EGLL, Cross DETLING 32DME at 3000. Well that waypoint is "DET32". Then 6000 at 5 DME is "DET5"...you get the picture. As i say, still easier to use a flight planner though.
  3. Q: how do you know that to enter the Rwy04 Transition from ABBOT at EGSS, It would require the waypoints ( D045R D045I CI04) to be added in the FMS? Where did you get D045R D0451 etc from? Laz, Open up the EGSS.txt that I pointed to in my last post. This what gives you all the waypoint names. The way this file is set out, it lists all the Sids and Stars, then all the transitions in blocks of code. Each block has a title and a body of code. (see below) The title is the name of Sid/Star/Transition and the code body is where the Waypoints are. Lets use a different example.. SID,CPT
  4. Laz, To enter the Rwy04 Transition from ABBOT at EGSS, you would enter the following waypoints into the MCDU. ABBOT D045R D045I CI04 Now, you will have a problem entering CI04 manually because there are many waypoints with the same name. With this bus if doesn’t appear on the first page of multiple waypoints you can’t enter it manually..... But you can enter it via a flight planner. Navigate to (wherver your FSX is located) E:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Navigraph\NavData\Proc Scroll down and open up EGSS.txt in notepad. This is the Navigraph Approach/Departure
  5. Iazza, If you can tell me which star are you refering to in your original post? I will look up the chart, and explain how you should be able to enter that waypoint during your flight.
  6. Thank you for the update Finn, hopefully this will solve a few issues.
  7. I would appreciate comment form aerosoft here, to acknowledge this issue is being looked into.... please.
  8. Well...The sanity checks failed, complete re-install with Bob's method and the problems still exist. I’m now thinking this is probably a compatibility issue. What controllers are you guys that are having this issue using? Also how and with what have you mapped them? (Especially Z Axis) Your feedback would be appreciated...
  9. Thank you for your input Bob, I will try another reinstall tommorow and report back. I will follow exactly what you have done, for the sake of a sanity check..
  10. Yes 95-96% N1. A321 is different, its closer, but still no cigar.....
  11. Not in my screenie.....If its Bob's your talking about, he dosn't have the issue and his N1's are about where they should be..
  12. Well....apart from the rather large rudder issue....
  13. On further testing I am able to reach M0.711 with the A320, but M0.74 with the A321 @FL300..... took 150nm to get to M0.74 The airrcraft weights have negligble effect on cruise speed. Tested at different fuel loads etc...
  14. Bob, Thanks for you reply, this is what I am seeing in the A320, Full pax, Half payload and 4-6 tonnes of fuel.. I did a complete uninstall of version V1.10a
  15. Mathijs, With this new build I am still getting climb & cruise performance issues. Although the climb profile seems to have been tweaked above FL260, the aircraft continously looses speed during the climb above FL260, untill cruise altitude is reached. Upon reach top of climb the aircraft still will not cruise at more than M0.70 in managed or selected mode. Are others still seeing this behavior?
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