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  1. Great video! I like the refueling system! How much time do these checks take in real life? Nice picture on the skycam! What a very cool and capable looking man!
  2. Does the delay of the MSFS update have any influence on the release of the CRJ?
  3. They said that certain youtubers would have the plane first and would post videos (as a teaser). That did not happen yet, so no release. And they are not releasing just before a big update.
  4. I installed airbus When I restarted my computer, I did not see the updater files. When I saw the unpacked installer, I noticed a folder with the installer. I copied this to documents/aerosoft/updater. When I start the updater now, it's just a blank blox that disappears after a few seconds. I have this since I tried to copy the updater to another folder, but that gave my some big error box. What is going wrong? Martin Pampiermole
  5. The installer is working. The updater is not. Martin Pampiermole
  6. Same problem here. I downloaded from aerosoft shop.I can install, but after installation I don't get the finish and reboot screen. When I try to uninstall, I get an error ' no logfile found'. ASupdater is not present, or says that there's no product installed. I cant see trueglass installing. I can fly the plane, by the way.Only with the error I am showing at the picture. Regards, Martin Pampiermole
  7. Yes, I did park my ride in the hangar! And still this is a great plane. Hoping that the extended version is better. I might be buying it then.
  8. Thank you for the replies. I did read the manual quit good but it gave me the impression that only planes on ski's could land at some places. So planes with wheels can land everywhere? It also gave me the impression that only prop planes could land in antartica. I guessed there is a reason for that. Maybe because jets can't land there because of the temperature or weight. However a 737-600 might be lighter than a c-139?
  9. Thank you for the antarica X scenery. Didn't know that ice could be so hot! The manual discribes only the twin otter and a other few planes that fly over there. I have a few questions: - can aircraft on wheels land on the snow/ice, or is it only possible with a ski plane? - Can jetplanes fly and land for eg at nzir? Can the airbusx land there? - is it possible to add these custom waypoints to an fmc database? Lets say that I need those if I want to recreate the Qantas tour over Antartica in a pmdg boeing 737 - Could the grand caravan fly in antartica? I don't really like the twin ot
  10. That is a bigger problem then I thought. How do we do this? I've been trying.
  11. Thanx... I can't steer wjen I'm on the ground. Thought it had to do with activation. I look further,
  12. I installed the Kantana X. When I start the aerosoft laucher it says that the aerosoft server is not avalable. I cannot activate the kantana x. Is this an aerosoft problem, or my computer. I have it all afternoon now. Martin Pampiermole
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