We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Thanks very much, Winfried. I think, this is a good decision. Best regards, Joachim
  2. Die Rotaxmotoren wie bei der Katana stoppen in der Tat so abrupt. Das liegt mit am Getriebe. Du drehst den Schlüssel, und der Prop steht - sofort. Gruß, Joachim
  3. No sorry, I have many other things to do at the moment
  4. The idea isn't bad at all! But I am not sure, about the issues above the critical altitude. Can't check it at the moment. But the idea sounds good! :-)
  5. Sorry, there is no. We played around with that long ago and did not found a sollution. Bests, Joachim
  6. Hallo, das kann mehere Gründe haben. Zuersteinmal befolge die im Handbuch und in der Checkliste beschriebenen Vorgehensweisen. Als kleine Tips: Benutze den Chocke richtig, achte auf den Tankinhalt, achte auf die korrekte Einstellung der Kühlklappe, achte darauf, dass die Sicherung des Propellersteuergerätes auch wirklich drin ist. Gruß, Joachim
  7. Super! Viel Spaß mit der Dimona :-) Gruß, Joachim
  8. Moin, Bitte lad dir hier einmal das dll.xml viewer and repair utillity runter, und versuch damit deine dll.xml zu reparieren. Danach installiere bitte die Dimona mit Admin Rechten neu. Gruß, Joachim
  9. Sorry, I have no insight in P3D. I can't tell you how to install it correctly because I simply don't know. Best regards, Joachim
  10. Oh, in this case, we are two already, lol Keep on working
  11. Just PM me, we can organize a flight ;-)
  12. No prob, I just have seen, that you live near EDLE. Do you know, that the original KGAF is located there? ;-) Cheers, Joachim
  13. Hey guys, the update is now available in your account. Have fun! Cheers, Joachim
  14. Hi everybody, the GPS fix has been tested now and is in its way to Aerosoft. Thank you for the comments! Special thanks to Peter Lürkens, who found out, what causes the problem! As soon as the patch will be available, I will post it here. Best regards, Joachim
  15. Hmm, in this case I must apologize, because I thought, that people are complaining about the normal FPS drop when using the standard GPS system, wich causes a significant FPS drop on most systems. We are currently testing a possible solution for this. Cheers, Joachim
  16. Its the fact, that so less people complained in such a long time after release, that confuses me. However, it seems that Peter found a solution. We will test and release it if it works fine! Cheers, Joachim
  17. Well, we talk about 2 different things here: First performance with moving map on: This is a FSX problem and cannot be solved by us. All moving map systems in VC cause a more or less havy impact on framerates. Second: Sebastians problem who has jumping framecounts and microstutters caused by the mapsystem. I think these are 2 different things. Bests, Joachim
  18. Hmm, sorry, this is really strange. I will ask Finn again, but we and the testers, and I thing the majority of the users simply don't have this problem. I think about some incompatiblity with some other add ons or software. (Though I don't know, wich) This is all I can do at the moment. But since the Bronco is rather new, we maybe have a chance, to get more people with this problem. Bests, Joachim
  19. No, if it is used for the DiscusX, it is ok. Cheers, Joachim
  20. There is no paintkit, but the textures are very easy to repaint. Just open them, theyre self explaining. Cheers, Joachim
  21. Not that I am aware of. I will show Mathijs again
  22. And you're sure, that the prop brake is off and the Engine fully extended? Is any other software installed on top of FSX?
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