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  1. Hello Secondator, I solved the problem reinstalling all the buses usgin the procedure from DaveCT2003. Now the planner works fine for all the models. Maybe something went wrong during updates. Best, Homer
  2. Hi everone. I have the same problem. I can't have correct values for TOW%MAC, ZFW%MAC and Trim for A318-A321 from FP. Values are not changing when I input my fields for fuel planning (Passengers, Cargo, Distance, FL, ecc): they show always 0 in red. This situation is in place from when I have installed the A330. The FP only works correctly for A330. I have W10 Pro, P3D v4.5HF2. No AV installed, no FW active, Admin user. It's a PC only for the Sim. Versions are: A318-321 v1.3.0.1 A330 v1.0.0.7 All the aircrafts (A318-A330) works correctly in sim.
  3. Also for mine, Mathijs. A318-319 v1.2.5.3 A320-321 v1.2.5.2 Homer
  4. I have the same problem with third MCDU completely black and without functions. As suggested, I have completely uninstalled A318/319/320/321 from P3D v4.4, then restarted my PC and installed v1.2.3.0 with administrative rights. Setup configuration with the external configurator (2 axis throttle, Navigraph DB e no other). After loading, everything seems ok, but when I try to access to third MCDU to setup C&D state, I have my MCDU screen (only the third), completely black. MCDU 1 & 2 seems ok. Thanks Homer
  5. Flying over Denmark from EKSB to EKTO, in an earlier winter season with a beautiful and relaxing Fairchild M24. Good luck to all! Homer
  6. Hi all! Here's my entry for September's contest. Facing the clouds, descending towards a deserved washing.... Good luck to all! Homer
  7. Hi everybody! Just a quick question before buying this scenery: it requires P3D v4.2 or I can install it and use it in P3D v4.1? Thanks in advance Homer
  8. Just now downloaded with the correct installer, v1.01. Thank you! How about the AES problem? Homer
  9. Hello Simmers! Any of the three links provided in my orders into the User's Center, to download the new version of Stavanger X v.101, report in fact the same old version, v1.00. It's possible to fix it or it's only an update delay? The download link says that I'm downloading the v1.01 version, but the installe is the old v1.00. Thanks, Homer
  10. Many congrats, Oliver! AES is a must have! Homer
  11. No problems for me, using Mirror 2. Waiting this evening to try the new jewel... Homer
  12. Hippy birthday to Aerosoft! Many others years plenty of success! Homer
  13. I don't know, I have never buyed a similar scenery, larger as much I can think. Working in IT, I can only imagine about hundred and hundred working hours. So we wait for a final price, maybe it's difficult to assign a price to this masterpiece. It's a wild area of our planet, how many simmers will be a customer for Antartica X? Aerosoft spend many founds on this project, I think, and, at least, wants to recover this money. Probably, the price, will be decided considering this situation. And, IMHO, 50€ will be reasonable, due to the amount of work doin' on it... Homer
  14. We can have access to the terminal area, in both sides, from parking and from the runaway. It's possivle to take photo from the upper stage of the parking beside the terminal an from the VVFF local station. We can go to the parking area K, specially designed for the A330 Beluga and the Antonov, that came in Turin for Alenia Space's cargo operations. Please Mathijs send me an email, I've some great possibility to take photos on LIMF. Best regards, Homer
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