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  1. Some other previews. I gave it a civil registration - N203AJ
  2. My first try to paint the Bronco. It's fictious, just an idea:
  3. Thanx for the hint. I accidently swapped the SID names. That happens if you don't have time to review your work.
  4. I will fix the errors in the next release. 1. I will correct the spelling error 2. I will add a minimum initial climb on the KPT 2 W SID of 1000 ft/min until 3.0 DME ANF to keep clear of the hill. 3. The R097 KPT on the KPT 2 E should be changed to R096 to minimize possibility of overshooting. It works well if you keep strictly the speed limit, but with strong wind from south you may overshoot easily. 4. I am thinking about adding a SID via INN NDB. Something simple like: On RWY track after 11.0 DME ANF RT direct INN NDB. Did someone else experience problems with the ANF VOR tuning? There is a DME at EDDM which also uses 115.00 Mhz. Maybe the Andras Field developers should change the frequency in the next release to eliminate possible interferences.
  5. Here is a new set of charts. Now added the SID chart and formatted them all into A4 PDF files correctly. EAFS_ILS_09.pdf EAFS_ILS_27.pdf EAFS_STAR_ALL.pdf EAFS_SID_ALL.pdf I hope you enjoy!
  6. Of course it is possible to fly the SID Rwy 27 with an arrival AT 7000 ot above - if your aircraft has enough climb capability. For most it should be no problem. Maybe we should just assume that this SID is no problem. SID Rwy 09 is no problem at all. Arrivals should be already AT 5000 when passing/holding at KPT VOR (if not other directed by ATC). Maybe I should fortify that in the remarks in the STAR chart. I intentionally don't want to use other navaids. Andras is a small airfield. So we should keep IFR proceedures short. And an insertion of custom waypoints brings new problems. Just look at the problem how to add Andras Field to the AIRAC databases.
  7. My question is: Must there be a Maltese cross at the FAF on the chart or not? Most airports' FAF have a RNAV fix with coordinates and a name. The problem is, that departing aircraft must arrive at ANF VOR higher than 5000 ft to not get into conflict with arriving traffic that arrive at 5000 ft. So a hold at ANF doen't solve the problem. If we have to add a hold for climbing, it must be before ANF, for example like this:
  8. Well, the charts are still in beta. You are right about the FAF, but actually there is no real FIX. So I am not sure if I should add a cross to the chart or not. For first I decided not to. I should delete the crosses over the ANF NDB also. It would be great if Aerosoft would create two real Approach Fixes in future releases and give it a name. And yes, the Decision Heights are quite high. For ILS 09 this was fully intended, because there is a small hill on approach, that could get dangerous if too low on approach. For ILS 27 I just copied the heights. If you can give me some better, more realistic values, I will change it. Here is an Idea about the SIDs: I don't want collide with other procedures of other airports around Andras Field, so I keep it close to the airfield. And there is only KPT VOR in vicinity. But the problem is, that KPT VOR is very close when flying the SID for RWY 27: You need tough climb rates to be at or above 7000 ft before KPT VOR. 7000 ft because if you go lower, you will have a conflict with arriving traffic. Still missing some numbers. I have only few time to do some test flights.
  9. Here is an overworked STAR - now there should be no conflict between Aircraft on ILS RWY 27 approach and those on KOGOL arrival. EAFS_STAR_ALL.pdf
  10. Ok, I am back. Any Ideas about the SID routings?
  11. Your idea is good and I know it seems a little unorthodox to make a detour for an approach on rwy 27 via KPT. But most customers of Andras Field will fly with small aircraft of which many may not be able to fly RNAV or GPS approaches. My idea was to fly the ILS approach by radio navigation only. So all ILS/VOR-DME equipped aircraft can use it. The STAR was made additionally for those who navigate with FMC/GPS until reaching IAF (KPT). In my opinion this is suffient for a small airfield like Andras. And there is another reason: The fixes you suggested to use are enroute intersections. I am not sure if it is usual to use them as approach fixes. Trondheim has it's own approach related fixes. If there would be a better positioned VOR (like the former EUR VOR) I would be happy. But I want stick to the active NAV points. This is important if we want use Andras Field on networks like IVAO or VATSIM one time (I hope so).
  12. What do you think about this STAR? EAFS_STAR_ALL.pdf
  13. I can't find EUR VOR, but I wouldn't use MAH VOR for an approach. There would be a conflict: MAH is used for EDDM ILS 08R approach, besides it is quite far away. I am thinking about a STAR via MERSI, KOGOL and BODAN that all end at KPT VOR. If you fly only VOR to VOR, I recommend also you start approach at KPT VOR. This would change if we would have another usable VOR in close east of EAFS, but there is not.
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