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    Terrific livery! Very accurate as well, like one would expect from the one and only Holgi! And quite frankly, it doesn't look too bad on the CRJ either.
  1. Nice! But please theck the "M" letter in the registration, as it's a bit different in reality and also please remove the warning label from the engines. I'll send you some reference pictures via. DM.
  2. Would be nice if you included some pictures so people can see the quality and the actual reapaint.
  3. Agreed. Major european airports should be the priority for the devs and publishers.
  4. Nice! But I'm pretty sure the yellow checklist is the old one. They now have a black one. I have some pictures of it which I can send to you. Just contact me.
  5. I'd really love to see a modern, up to date rendition of L'viv (UKLL) in western Ukraine. The airport underwent an extensive runway extension and modernization process in the last couple years and has many international routes, with operators such as Austrian, Lufthansa, Ukraine International, LOT, air baltic, Pegasus and many more. I realize there is a pretty neat freeware UKLL out there but this one is very out of date and doesn't resemble the current state of the airport with the longer runway and a new terminal with respective apron area.
  6. But only slowly on older aircraft that get some new paint. The new 319's stil have the lufthansa.com letters at the end. Just a minor change, really.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    This is a clean version of the stock GWI A319 livery that comes with the Aerosoft A319. Enjoy!
  8. I'd love to see the new Austrian OE-LDG - it's an A319.
  9. Version 1.1


    This is an accurate PFPX aircraft profile for Lufthansa Cargo's Boeing 777F fleet (as of November 2014) and should match its real life equivalent. Simply place these .txt files in C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Aircraft Enjoy!
  10. Terrific job! Would it be possible to be able to choose between a "Go" call instead of V1?
  11. The Sharklets are wrong. They should be White on the outside as well!
  12. Turn off the flight director at about 500 ft. or above during approach. That should solve the nose diving issue.
  13. You're kidding, right? Lets make the Airbus X freeware, how about that huh? LOL
  14. Well, I would recommend you reading all the manuals, which are provided with the product. Also take a look at this: http://forum.aerosof...dy-for-taxiing/
  15. Well, in RL they will be black in a few days LOL
  16. No, you have to pull the HDG knob, so you see three dots - the autopilot will automatically follow the programmed flightplan. LOC stands for LOCalizer
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