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  1. Hello guys, Not a PFPX expert but wanted to know if anyone created or know an easier way to load flight plans print to your iPad or device, I use my iPad for charts but also I use dropbox to drop the flight plan printout on pdf, not sure if inside pfpx I can create something to drop it automatically to dropbox instead of download the pdf to my desktop then open dropbox website, upload and then finally open on my iPad, any ideas please? thanks
  2. Hello sir, I was told your liveries are awesome, do u have a website or any link I can download them? im new to the airbus now, thanks.

    1. Liesel Downes

      Liesel Downes

      go to simtexture.de (his site) or look from them on here

  3. Flight simulation enthusiast !

  4. ICAO: KAUS NAME: Austin Texas Int. Airport TYPE: <Freeware FS: <FS9 DESIGNER: Mach1 Design Group LINK: <Link to the website, Shop or Downloadpage> No AES, no Download link given
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