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  1. Hello guys, Learning this awesome program but I would like to know how can I make sure the gsx coualt starts, after installing simstarter it wont start or show in the p3d menu to call the carts, push, etc., not sure if I can add it to the start programs together with the sim, can anyone please let me know? thanks. Before simstarter gsx/coualt was working fine, Thanks for any help!
  2. thanks but with your file I dont see jetways
  3. Hello guys, anyone have the Sacramento scenery with the runways covered? i been searching but both runways are covered with grass, I did the installation manual and the rest of the airport is perfect, any ideas please? thanks.
  4. Hello sir, I was told your liveries are awesome, do u have a website or any link I can download them? im new to the airbus now, thanks.

    1. Liesel Downes

      Liesel Downes

      go to simtexture.de (his site) or look from them on here

  5. Flight simulation enthusiast !

  6. ICAO: KAUS NAME: Austin Texas Int. Airport TYPE: <Freeware FS: <FS9 DESIGNER: Mach1 Design Group LINK: <Link to the website, Shop or Downloadpage> No AES, no Download link given
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