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  1. Thank you for your fast answer Heintz Thanks to the message giving the link to download SAM_Seasons and of course your precious help it is OK now
  2. Hi Heinz Thank you for your nice help. My version is of courseSAM3 v3.1.4 I do not think that an antivir program has blocked this file or slow down the download. I have no problem with all the other programs added to SAM3 I have try and download all day long. and I have always the same message.. The download is very very long (more than 5 hours). I have no such a long time to download a file to X plane 11 I have found perhaps a solution. I have download thanks to the address in the message the .zip Seasons in less than 2hours. I have created a file name SAM_Seasons . I think now that I have to install this file in the custom scenery. Could you tell me please if it is a solution to my problem. Below the SAM_Seasons.zip and the files created with the .zip for the custom scenery
  3. Please, I have no answer about my problem to download Seasons for SAM3. My computer stay ON all night long to download and the message was this one in the morning(photo) I do not understand the problem Thank you for your help
  4. Hi Hi Impossible to download SEASON for SAM3 could you please help me Thank you
  5. Hi Sorry I cannot answer you. I have not the E170 and E190 aircrafts. Perhpas you could try. With the X-Craft Family .json, I think that it will be easier to add commands with the help of the dataref. Try and tell us the redult by using this .json for the E170 or 190.
  6. Version 1.2


    Hi everybody This is my first .json and it is for my former aircraft : the X-Craft embraer family. The leds, autopilot and lights are fully working. I flew between two airports by using ONLY the honeycomb bravo (autopilot, flaps, throttles, gear...) just after the take off to the touch down at the arrival airport Very easy to install and the most important very easy to fly with of course my friends 1 : install X CRAFT FAMILY.json in x-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/AFC_bridge/honeycomb_profiles/ 2 : Open the Honeycomb_profiles software. Go to bravo throttle quadrant on the right 3: Go to Profiles then choose X CRAFT FAMILY .......Load 4: Choose Actions : in actions, Activate current profile 5: Open X-Plane. Go to the menu plugings/Honeycomb/BFC Throttle/ reload bindings. You will have a message in the center of the screen to advise you about the new .json. This new configuration will stay as long as you change this profile by an other with the configurator. 6 : Then open your Joystick configuration in X-Plane. Edit buttons 20 to 33 for your own settings. DO NOT TOUCH the other buttons The speedbrakes are in left throttle (1), The Trottles are in throttles 2 and 3, have a glance to the pics just below Have good flights
  7. Hi after a long work, because I am very bad with the computers, I have terminated the Honeycomb alpha and bravo configuration for the X-CRAFT FAMILY. All the leds are fully working and the Auto pilot buttom too. So I do not want to keep my work just for me. Could you give me please the solution for a donwload my X CRAFT.json. Thank you
  8. Hi Heinz Everything is OK. The airport is now in the custom scenary of X-Plane 11 Thank you very much for you help. I am very happy Best eric
  9. Heinz Good news. Thank to help of my son The download is OK. In fact the problem was with AdGuard in my computer. He gave me the problem and the solution AdGuard is one of the best way to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking, and to protect a computer from malware. Thank you very much for your kind help Very best
  10. I think, maybe, because the DVD is for FSX and X-Plane 10 global not at all for X-Plane 11. Best
  11. Hi Heinz Thank you for the solution to enter in the update databank. Without your help, it was impossible for me. I am stupid New problem. I have add TOULOUSE airport with the registration key of the DVD but when I request an update for X-Plane 11, there is no download. A window opens some seconds and closes immediatly Have a glance to the pic. Of course, my key is not on the photo
  12. Hi Heintz I am back to you Sorry but none of the two solutions are the good one. The first solution does not indicate Windows 11. And, I have no access to the Update Datenbank with my email address and my password
  13. Hi Heintz thank you for your Nice answer i will try your solution. Of course,I rep you advise Best eric
  14. Hi I have bought toulouse airport for my X-Plane 11. I have some problems to install the airport (DVD) with the message bellow "The installer cannot run in this UI mode. To specify the interface mode, use the i-command-line option, followed by the UI mode identifier. The valid UI modes identifiers are GUI Console, and Silent" I do not understand what I have to do to install my airport Thank you for your kind help
  15. Hi Ben Baron Thank you very much for your help The problem is solved The value of the anti_ice LED was not the good one for the X-Craft E145 configuration with the honneycomb Bravo. I have change the value =0 by =1 in the cockpit2/annuciators/pitot_heat Without your help, I will never find the solution Best Eric : A very happy customer of aerosolft
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