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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A320-232 (IAE) Tigerair Australia VH-VNQ c/n 5218 Delivered new to Tigerair Australia in August 2012. This repaint models the aircraft as it is in September 2017 (AU flags were removed). There are some issues currently. First one is that the 't' character on the port side doesn't align correctly. I'm not sure why, but I will fix it later on. Second, the tiger decals on the engines don't match up however it seems that Tigerair do this on their aircraft too. I will fix this too. Thanks for using my paint! -Liesel Downes
  2. I can't moderate anything but beware that you are not allowed to directly post copyright pictures into your posts. You need to copy and paste the link only! The image insert dialog should ask if you want to post a picture as a link instead.
  3. Adding on to Dave it would be good to know what thrust settings is being used during takeoff, the weather conditions and flap settings.\ Generally takeoff flap is 1 or 2 and thrust must be TO/GA or FLEX (two top notches)
  4. What speed are you trying to take off at and what power setting is selected at takeoff?
  5. Adelaide YPAD would be great. There is already one from AUscene but it is outdated and optimized.
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