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  1. I really do, you can be sure I allways generate my flightplans with Simbrief. The advantage in the BAe for me is, that i do not need to save/download/export the flightplan anywhere. I go in the FMC, klick on Route Menu and klick on Simbrief. Then the FMC loads the actual flightplan. This is very comfortable and i have not loads of flightplans anywhere on my system. But the more important for me is the "Sync"-function. As i said this synchronysis the flightplan with the Sim, so the ATC works with this.
  2. Ein Versuch wäre vielleicht einmal einen der doppelten Flughäfen über One zu deinstallieren, dann gucken ob nur einer oder beide deinstalliert werden. Betrifft es beide, dann einmal neu installieren und künftig nur über One updaten.
  3. JustFlight BAe-146, too. Cessna C414AW as well...
  4. Did you remove the chocks, Bernard?
  5. I know that it works in the FBW A32nx, also it works very well in JustFlight's BAe-146. In combination with this both upside called planes have a function "Sync with Sim". This means that you can load a flightplan directly from Simbrief in the FMS's of these planes, without opening them in the Sim's worldmap, and then they are syncted with the Sim so the ATC is functional with them. So i like to ask if these feature are planed for the CRJ, too?
  6. It seems like planes react different here. In the CRJ i can see it even when the parking brake is released, but the plane standing still. In the Cessna 414 i.e. i can not see it even when the parking brake ist set.
  7. And a new update: Soon as the CRJ begins to roll, the behaviour of the pedals is normal, as it should. So this seems to be a minor bug, maybe only optical and it seems not to affect the braking performance of the plane while rolling.
  8. I allways use toolbar pushback and i had one CTD while taxiing with CRJ 900 few weeks ago. So it happens quite rarely to me.
  9. Another update from me: Yesterday i bought the JustFlight BAe-146. This machine shows the same behaviour with the brake pedals at the Gate. While taxiing the pedals work correctly. I will check if this is with the CRJ as well.
  10. I have a quite different Problem with lights at EDDB: There are round lights "hanging" in the air. I guess these are from the Asobo standard airport, but why are they still there in an Addon? I do not see these lights on other Addon sceneries.
  11. In a new flight today i realizerd that the wrong behaviour does not exist when the plane is airborne. When in parking position it showed up again. I did not check if it is there whilst taxiing. But in cruise flight i checked it and there the pedals react as they should.
  12. I have no comparison with other tools so i can not answer your question. The only thing in wanted to say was that even AaO ist not easy to learn or handle all the way. It depends on how much you want to do with it. I like it and for me it is very useful. But i would say that my knowledge scratches even on the surface of the possibilties this tool has.
  13. Yes, that's exactly what i mean. Only that my Rudder Axis is in the center position and jumps a bit forth and back when i press one of the brake pedals.
  14. Except from that AaO is a powerful tool i can not agree with the rest. Some functions are quite easy, but when you have to write scripts for LVars, or much more complicated, map BVars to LVars the fun is over and you have to learn a lot about RCN scripting.
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