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  1. Hello , I just followed your advice and everything is perfect now !! Thank you very much for the Tip !!
  2. Yes ! Please see attached screenshots ! The first one when both of them are Installed ! The second one when i Uninstalled EDPI (Solo Addon ) ! This is very weird as EDPI is Included in Bavarian airfields !!
  3. I just Uninstalled it ! The airfield is Not Installed !! I Reinstalled it using Aerosoft One !
  4. Hello , I have purchased ClearPropStudios - Bavarian Airfields 1 . I already own Moosburg auf der Kippe - EDPI (Which is included in the package ) . Do i need to run Aerosoft One and Uninstall it ( So i do not have it installed twice ) or No ? Thank you Mike
  5. I just want to let you know , that after the latest update of Simple Traffic , everything is working Perfect ! No more issues !! Thanks for the update ! Mike
  6. Maybe my Msfs installation is a mess ( I can assure you it is Not ) ! But Everything is Working Perfect !!! Unless i Install ST ! I will check sometime in the future and get back to you if i have any news .
  7. Indeed there was only one post from me at the very begining when ST was released ! I do have the Latest ST Running . By removing all of Asobo's Repaints the issue was solved ( At least i thought so ) ! My issues are the following : 1 ) if i try to load my Content Manager it gets loading forever , 2) I am able to load and complete a flight without any issues , but when i press ESC to end the flight it gets stucked for ever , and i have to press ctrl alt del to End a flight ( Actually to close my Sim. ) and start all over ! I then bought , many Addons from Simmarket , ORBX and from other Vendors and again i realized that some of them , were in conflict with Simple Traffic . By removing them ( Planes or Airports ) everything was back to normal . As i mentioned above , today i bought from Just flight the F-16 Falcon , again the same issue ! By Uninstalling my F-16 everything was back to normal ! So i had to chose : Keep Aerosoft Simple Traffic ( Remove many Addons ) , or Install everything ( Without issues ) but without ST . I chose the second one ! I have no idea what causes these problems and no idea how to fix them ! Mike
  8. Hello , I am disappointed with Aerosoft's Simple Traffic , due to Compatibility Issues with Many of my Addons ( Payware and Freeware ) . Planes and Sceneries . From the first day until today i encountered several problems ! I have Installed approximately 1300 ( Planes , Repaints , Sceneries and Airports ) ... None of them was in conflict which other ! Until i Installed Simple Traffic . From day One i spent more time Uninstalling , Removing , Reinserting , Reinstalling many addons ( from my Community folder ) . rather than flying and enjoying my sim. In all of my cases some Liveries and addons were in direct conflict with ST. and i had to remove them ! Today i bought Just Flights F-16 Fighting Falcon ! Yesterday i Installed Virtualcol Emb170-175 ! The day before i bought 2 Payware Sceneries that they were in conflict with ST ... ad so on ! This happened many many times and to be honest i was very frustrated !! Today i made a decision to Completely Uninstall Simple Traffic until a solution is found . I Reinstalled 23 addons that were in conflict with ST. and everything is working perfect with no more problems !! It is a great program and i hope someday a fix will be available to overcome all these issues . Mike
  9. Got it ! I found and deleted the registry ! Everything is Ok now !!
  10. Hmmm Ok ! I Installed my Prepar3D and the next day i Uninstalled it ! Most probably there is an entry in my registry , and i have idea how to remove it !
  11. Hello , I have a question concerning As Updater . Since Not all products are supported by Aerosoft One i am still using AsUpdater . I installed Once my Prepar3dV5.2 on my D drive and then i deleted it . My AsUpdater keeps on Showing that on my D drive Prepar3Dv5 is Found ! Please see attached shot . Is there any way i can get rid of this notification ? Thank you Mike
  12. After doing some checks with my Community folder ( Removing and adding back items ) , i found Out that the issue was Caused by Asobo's Repaints ( A320 , B748 , B777 etc ... ) . Most probably in Conflict with Aerosoft's Simple Traffic ! I don't know yet if its just One Repaint or a many more !! I will do some more checks and get back .
  13. Hello , I just purchased and installed Simple Traffic into my Msfs2020 . The installation went fine using Aerosoft One application . I run my sim and loaded a flight . Everything up to this point was Perfect . I then pressed esc to end the flight and it got Stucked !! I couldn't end my flight . I restarted my sim. Tried to enter my Content Manager and i couldn't , it got stucked ! Either there is an Issue with the Program or it is in Conflict with an addon i have in my Community folder !! I will do some more checks and get back toy you ! Mike
  14. Hello , I have noticed that six Aerosoft Airports that i have installed into my msfs2020 are Installed twice in two different locations in my C hard Drive ! One installation in my Community folder and another one in my Users / Myname / Aerosoft One Library / Addons ! Is this Normal or can i delete the one in my Aerosoft One Library to save some disk space ? Thani you , Mike
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