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  1. Everything is working Perfect Now !! Thank you very much , Mike
  2. Neither Alta X and Vaeroy !! But everything is Working Perfect !!! Mike
  3. Hello , I have just managed to Install Succesfully my Svolvaer (ENSH) into my Prepar3DV4.5 ! When I try to run the config tool , I keep on getting a message that " SODE path is not found , please locate before installing " I have Also Installed Alta X and Vaeroy with No Issues , and I run Perfectly the Conf. Tool ! Any help will be appreciated , Thank you , Mike Georgiou
  4. Thank you for the information !!
  5. Great , good to know !! Thank you very much for your quick response ! I will go ahead and Install Chania ! Waiting for Lukla !! Mike
  6. Today i purchased Lukla and Chania for my Prepr3DV4.5 ! I am very reluctant to Install them , because i have read in the forums that other people who did so , encountered problems in ORBX Sceneries !! (trees dissapearing in some Areas ) . I do Own all of their sceneries !! Any advice will be greatly appreciated ! Mike Georgiou
  7. Got It ! You Have to manually ADD the scenery into Prepar3d Scenery World in order to Show Up !! Thank you , Mike
  8. Hello , I have just purchased Valberg Altisurface - LF0654 for my Prepar3dV4.5 ! I Cannot find the Airport in my Sim ! Is there an ICAO Code for it ? Thank you , Mike
  9. Good to Know ! Thank you Very much
  10. Hello Micha and thank you for your reply ! Could you pls tell me where exactly is this file located , so I can post the file content ? Thank you , Mike Thank you Bob ! Oh my God you got to be kidding me !!! You mean each time I Install an Orbx Airport or another Airport from another developer and Run the ORBX Tool I must Reinstall Madeira X Evolution ??? Just Saw the Post regarding autogenmerger tool !! I will have a look at it . Mike
  11. Hello , I have Purchased Madeira X Evolution in the Past and everything was working perfect until Today !! I Installed an addon from another Company and I run the FTX GLOBAL VECTOR Configuration Tool , ( It is Not the first time that I Installed Sceneries from other Developers and Run the Tool and I Never had Any Problems ) . After I finished I Noticed that I Lost All my Trees around the Island !! (All the Buildings are Visible) . Around the Airport everything is Perfect ! I Searched through the forums again and again but Unfortunately I did Not find a Solution to my Problem ! I followed all of the Suggestions and Solutions bur Still No Trees are Visible . I have Installed FTX Global plus FTX Vector and FSG2018 ! I do not know what else to do , other than to Uninstall and Reinstall the Scenery again , which I do not think it's the best Solution . Any help will be much appreciated . I Have Attached a couple of Shots to have a look at them . Thank you, Mike Georgiou
  12. Ok , Thank you very much !
  13. I sent an email to "john" <john@vidandesign.com> and he informed me that , on the 30 November 2018 he sent the Update to Aerosoft ! Could you please re-check Thank you, Mike Georgiou
  14. Any Idea when are you going to Update Aalborg X to V1.1 ? Thank you , Mike Georgiou
  15. Larnaca X in P3D. I see you say you have seen no problems but I cannot get rid of the terrible light flickering at the airplane stands at night. I have tried the Visual mipmaps tool but it doesn't do any thing.

    Do you not have flickering lights?

    Appreciate any help

    1. michalis


      Hello jjayce , i am Sorry for the late Reply !

      I too , get that Light annoying flickering , this is one of the reasons i do not fly at night (the Other Reason is that , during Night Time i get a Frame Drop ) ! Sorry that i cannot help you anymore .


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