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  1. Hello, I can seem to successfully “clean up the box” when on vectors to an ILS. You should be able to select an approach waypoint and then select the course you would like to intercept on ( ILS Course) . This practice leaves only the approach waypoints in the legs page and on the ND. Presently when a course is specified, the FMS appears to incorrectly execute a “direct to.” Will this be simulated at some point? Love the plane, I flew at Gojet for 5 years and this plane is very well done!
  2. Max will work for landing, only for emergencies though. MED will have you eating glare-shield. About the only time I use the auto-brake is at recurrent training in the sim. Most guys/gals I fly with brake manually, its much smoother but the brakes are very touchy on the real airplane.
  3. I fly the A319 and A320 for a well know US carrier. There is a slight pitch down at around 40 feet AGL or so to cue the flare in manual flight. The Airbus sucks to fly by hand period. Example, you want to make a very slight bank to correct for turbulence etc...the plane will "think" you want to to do a full turn and will typically overbank. I came from the 737-300/500 and it was a dream to hand fly compared to the bus. Sounds to me like they got the flight logic right with the exception of the elevator. With an approach speed N1 setting of about 55-60%, the plane should be easy to trim up for a standard glide-slope. Regards.
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