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  1. So is that right you need to insert dvd 1 each time you want to play fs20? need to make an image of this dvd then because my player is plug where I plug my saitek proflight and rudder pedal.
  2. Hello yesterday I found this folder when I was looking for something but that will work only if you are able to launch the game. ressource monitor you can find it when you check windows active process, with ressource monitor you are able to check cpu memory and your drive. If you deploy the drive item you can see all the actives files on your machine. Yesterday saw your message here I was able to find my on folder. wish it can help you
  3. good day team i have a problem, i received today my fs2020 box, and have now a problem to install it, because DVD 1 isn't read by my dvd player. in the fist time i thought that was my player but if i insert dvd 2, it can read it. So i am lost now EDIT: can't read dvd 1on my laptop too EDIT2 : my player is able to read XP11 DVD EDIT 3: resolved i plug my usb player direct on usb motherboard Thanks
  4. Hello yesterday i bought on aerosoft shop the premium box version because that was available on my account this night i check when it will be send but I have a message as the box version is currently not available ??? actually on the site it is stil available So good or not good
  5. Always not available ?🤔
  6. hello on facebook, developper said it was released but i can't find the installer on my account. When do y ou think it will be available? Thanks
  7. good day, same for me. so i don't use sode jetway there .
  8. all my problems seem to be gone. Thanks for your help
  9. I uninstalled and installed again today and until i use the experimental update all was perfect now with the last update i have an error relative to the sound coffee and now i have a cdt when the plane is loading in the sim 😟
  10. yes run as admin, with antivirus off. last week i use this plane without any problem, i use the last vidia driver so i delete shader i think the problem is related to the nd log file, help me to resolve that and i wish all the problem will go thanks
  11. Hi Frank the log file aren't turn on, if you mean the log file from configurator all logging are not tick i use LAO but i don't change nothing about xml thanks for your help
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