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  1. all my problems seem to be gone. Thanks for your help
  2. I uninstalled and installed again today and until i use the experimental update all was perfect now with the last update i have an error relative to the sound coffee and now i have a cdt when the plane is loading in the sim 😟
  3. yes run as admin, with antivirus off. last week i use this plane without any problem, i use the last vidia driver so i delete shader i think the problem is related to the nd log file, help me to resolve that and i wish all the problem will go thanks
  4. Hi Frank the log file aren't turn on, if you mean the log file from configurator all logging are not tick i use LAO but i don't change nothing about xml thanks for your help
  5. good day Since yesterday i am fighting with p3dv4.4 and the aerosoft airbus pro bundle i can't use these planes and i don't know what i change on my laptop to have these problems the second screen show the fps number, if i load other planes from my hangar CRJ too i have no problem (screen 3 from crj ) i have already try uninstall, install in admin mode with no antivirus alive, update navigraph for these planes, change the addon .xml method to add these planes into the sim so now i am completly lost Please help me 😕 thanks in advance FRED
  6. sorry for the very late response My FP was: LOWW DCT SOVIL DCT SITNI DCT BAGSI DCT MATIG DCT TRAUN UL856 RAVED DCT HOC UL856 GIVRI UM982 TINIL LFPG @ FL350 yes Mathijs the plane is more fun to fly manually, i don't remember to have this problem before this release. i fly the 319 today, no time to fly more this week, go to lfbo from lfpg maybe some constraint will come, i ll report back if something goes wrong thanks
  7. hello my settings are for all planes in patc/x high climb rate and high descent rate, for climb 2500/3000, for descent above FL240 3500, below FL240 3000 and below FL100 2500 ft/min no matter what your speed is during these phases, the main thing is patcx apart when you have a restriction doesn't interupt the phase, and you could expect having the different altitude from atc matching with the calulate profile from the fms
  8. Hello all i installed the last experimental update i want just speaking about descent i fly à normal route loww-lfpg star tini8w i follow the descent path calculated by the fmc all is set for approach and landing 26L descent is just before givri for fl280 speed 280 At ff302 the descente is too early the descent bug stay fixe about 10 mn alter the tod after ff302 the next speed limit is 60nm away 250kts at ff301, but plane reduce speed just after passing ff302 really to early After okipa fl70-110 the plane start climbing strongly until i click another time on the alt knob no problem after until landing
  9. of course the first link crash the mananger the second install nothing but when you want install a second time manager says it is already install,, but after a check of my folder there is nothing inside about this livery thanks
  10. No it is the same problem try with the sas livery for 320 there is one crash all the time the manager other sas livery dont install but you can find in the aircraft.cfg the title with the sas inside but no folder install in the simobjects i spent this morning one hour for install a correct and fonctionnal sas livery on your download section and sorry no the manager dont crash for all the livery i want to install
  11. have the same problem too, livery manager crash each time i m trying to add a new one
  12. very good tuto, more informative than youtube video thank you very much maybe just a little mistake page 125 item 34 and 35
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