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  1. frederic29

    PFPX 2.01 hotfix

    hello, since i installed this hotfix, i have OOM when i looking for a route specially when i use high airspace
  2. frederic29

    Any word on PFPX update?

    Great features but i rather see a better capabality to find a correct valid eurocontrol route, i have often need to use additional programms like vroute or simmbrief to find a valid route boring for a not free of charge software...
  3. frederic29

    A319 pro after p3d crash

    Yesterday i had a crash with p3d, i reload the flight with the last save and unfortunally i had only one problem with the bus, gear was down at fl300...
  4. frederic29

    Very short warning sound

    but i took off LPPR and wind was 0/2
  5. frederic29

    Very short warning sound

    After a gpu and engine fire test, it s seem the time between 2 dings is more long
  6. frederic29

    Very short warning sound

    hello I have this repetitive sound too, it s seem like the begining of the apu selftest, is it implement when you start C and D? i don't remember have it in the 318/319...
  7. frederic29

    The error of the century...dxgi_error_device_hung

    hello to all to resolve it you must and not should use an old driver, try one of available at the begining of april, i resolved my problem on my 1080ti factory oc lwith the 391.35
  8. hello all i was reading you will use trueglass to simulate rain on winshield, it seem this software is for all general aircraft, now pmdg will come with is own program, could it be possible in the futur implement it in the aerosoft aircraft too, or will it be design only for pmdg aircraft? Sorry if this question has been post
  9. Hello, any update please? thanks
  10. hi aerosoft team! do you think add the rain on windshield in the future?
  11. frederic29

    update CRJ

    Thanks Tom, no problem
  12. frederic29

    update CRJ

    Hello I want to know when other dealers will receive the current update please? Just bought the plane on simmarket, still 1.0.0 version thanks in advance frederic
  13. frederic29

    mega airport Orly X

    hello may i ask you if aerosoft plan to redone french airport orly X, because no other developper seem to be interested to make this airport. i am very disapointed with the poor interest for french airports by all developpers... thanks fred