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  1. Hi. I have a prayer to developer of this scenery, Sim-wings London Heathrow Professional V5...! Is it possible that you guys can make your photo-scenery with all black night texture? At least as an option for those of us that use dynamic lights. In my eyes, that yellow night light on photo scenery, doesn't look good at all, unnatural i would say. I made a little test, i created a photo scenery for EGLL with SBuilder and made that night texture all black, just to compare and see what difference it make. In my eyes, with all black night texture, i feel it looks more natural than original photo scenery with that yellow paint on and those dynamic lights are even more visible. (Pardon for those aircraft shadows on my photo scenery, no time to edit's) Otherwise, it's a great scenery and it would be even greater if you could make night lights like this. Thank You. Cheers Stein-Ove Rud Hamar Norway Please....Don't shoot the messenger... 😉
  2. Hi. Since the problem with Helsinki scenery and AseData.dll are gone with the new installer of this scenery, will Aerosoft make new installers for the other tree scenery's that use this online activation? Brgds Stein-Ove Rud
  3. Which is very normal. Hopefully they make Dubai, if they do so, only a few know.
  4. Yes, it's fixed here. The wrong thing i did, i closed sim before ASE had time to it's job. All ok now. Stein-Ove
  5. Hi again. No problem, i have found it. If i wait to ASE is finish'd with it's routine when start sim, i get no error when closing sim without loading any scenery. When closing before that, error msg show's up. So see this as a user error. :-) Thanks for help anyway. Stein-Ove
  6. Thank for info. I installed this file, all ok now, no 2 seconds stop when start sim. But i get an error when i close down sim, sounds like this: APPCRASH fsx.exe 10.0.61637.0 AseData.dll_unloaded. Just for your info. Edit: APPCRASH do not show up after loading an Aerosoft scenery including new ASE tech., but shows up if i start sim and close it down without loading any scenery at all. Stein-Ove
  7. Hi. Any news on this one? Stein-Ove
  8. Thank's for info. Stein-Ove
  9. Ok, sounds good. Thank you. Stein-Ove
  10. Hi Mathijs. Will this update be announced in this forum, or a another place? Brgds Stein-Ove
  11. Not an issue, starting all over from scratch with new FSX install...
  12. Hi Update: It seems to be a bad FSX install in first case, done it from scratch...again!! Now EDDT shows like it should be, nice work gent's. Regards Stein-Ove
  13. Thanks Oliver. Brgds Stein-Ove Edit: Works like a charm, thank you again Oliver.
  14. I mean that Running Rabbit (Lead-In-Lightning) on final RW05: Regards Stein-Ove
  15. Well, 2 new months have gone without an answer. What happens, will it ever be corrected? Hmmm, I'm thinking.....Not Regards S-O
  16. Hi. Will developer of Madeira X fix that "Running Rabbit", so it shows up in daytime? FlyTampa did that with their Hong Kong scenery, it should not be a big deal, or is it? Regards Stein-Ove
  17. Same here, with a mix of UTX, FSGlobal, NGX, AS ENVA, Norway Scenic II, AS2012, etc. etc., you name it, i have never had one CTD, freeze or something like that when arriving ENVA, so it has to be something with your install, scenery or addon that covers this area. Just My Thoughts... Stein-Ove
  18. Bumping this one, any news here? Stein-Ove
  19. Link is in PMDG General forum, as pinned.... Stein-Ove
  20. When did you became this forum's moderator? Please do not mix up everything and nothing, you get this forum to be an unfriendly place to be ...!!!! Is it possible!! Not just that you are rude, but at times vicious, too. I'm starting to wonder if you've had a bad childhood or something, something serious must be at least ...!!! Is it so difficult for you to read that some members here on the forum, unfortunately posted in the wrong part of the forum, comes with some desire, and while you are so upset about it, well then, I had considered and started with something else, stamps. .... or anything ....!!!! PS: Take care of your heart, it does not last forever .... Merry Christmas
  21. I have NOT said this is the reason me either, but as a customer, who pays for this product's, at least i can get a product without this fault's, it's not so hard for developer to check this kind of faults before lining up a new product. C'mon... Stein-Ove
  22. Well, almost right, when developers deliver some package's with a lot's missing guid's in it, then i must say we can blame the developer for not deliver what they should!!! Brgds Stein-Ove
  23. It sound very much in my ears, 12m (39feet) slope!!! If you look at navigraph map, elevation at RW09 are 17m (17m=56feet!!!). Something must be wrong somewhere...!!! Maybe check this with someone that works there or something.. Brgds Stein-Ove
  24. Thank's for input,, but it didn't help much. I have no problem with dll.xml and exe.xml, so that don't help much. I had an another test right now, without AS EBBR installed, from EGBB-EDDF, strait over London and Brussel with PMDG NGX, ASE and ActiveSky Evo., after 1h23m, a nice touchdown on 07R with 5000m sight and autogen on Very Dence and mesh res set to 5m. Like i said in another post about this....... Bye Bye Brussel, was nice to know you.... Much better to forget this scenery and fly (over Brussel) instead....!!! Cheers Stein-Ove
  25. Thank's for trying to help, but tried an overfly now, but get the same fault again when scenery tries to load, i think it has to do with how scenery are build up!!! Cheers Stein-Ove
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