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  1. Nevermind. Issue is here with me. Sorry about that!
  2. Hi! Both links (Mirror EU/ Mirror World) are giving me the error below. Error in english: Unable to connect to server Please, Aerosoft Staff, help!
  3. I confirm that the installer is updated and everything is working as it should now. Thanks Mr. Mathijs for the continuous support! Can close the topic now please.
  4. I will open a helpdesk ticket with them. Let´s see what they have to say.
  5. Hi Aerosoft staff. I have already recieved an update alert for the WilgaX, but i did not recieve any message concerning about the Bronco update. So, please, can you confirm with simmarket.com, if the update was sent to them and when they will make it available for their customers? Thanks in advance.
  6. Sorry to open this topic again, but unfortunately, Simmarket.com doesn´t have the new corrected installer. They only have the old one. Can Aerosoft staff get in touch with them with the new installer? Thanks.
  7. Thanks!!! Just one last question: is the new installer sent to the resellers? (simmarket)
  8. No problem Mr. Mathijs! Thanks for the information.
  9. Hi, mr Mathjis! For some reason it fixed by itself! Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Hi guys, can you help me with what i´m doing wrong in here? Landing lights in P3dv4: (Click on image to see it with more details) Landing lights in FSX-SE: (Click on images to see them with more details) Can you see that although the landing lights are "ON" in FSX-SE, there is no ilumnation efect in the ground? Can you guys halp me to find the issue? Yes, the "landing lights iluminate the ground" checkbox in FSX-SE is checked. Thanks in advance!
  11. Yes, there are ways to do this manually. BUT, the correct way is to do it within the installer process. That is what we are asking.
  12. Thanks for your support Mr. Mathijs!
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